Threatened with the graft probe, Turkish government desperately moves to re-ally with military… “mulls proposals for military re-trial

Turkey is considering legal changes that could lead to the re-trial of hundreds of people convicted of anti-government plotting
Just in 5 months, a PM advisor changes his views on the coup trial and begins to accuse Gülen movement….
PM Erdoğan denounces ‘plot’ against Turkey at luncheon with journalists and NGO representatives

The graft probe was ‘attempted assassination of the national will’ PM Erdoğan said at a luncheon with intellectuals, writers and journalists Jan. 4

Erdogan government considers review of coup plot convictions
Financial Times
He said the government had agreed to review two cases known asErgenekon and Sledgehammer, in which more than 300 defendants were jailed, many from the armed forces. ?I can definitely say that I saw a strong political will to reopen those cases,? Mr 
Turkey may legislate release of jailed army officers and journalists
Turkey rules out amnesty for jailed military officers
Corruption, conflict, conspiracy – Turkey’s perfect storm


Turkey’s Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan hosted a group of journalists in his Istanbul office today. He reportedly told that the Gulen movement sent him a letter to offer truce afterAKPgate.
According to Hurriyet columnist Akif Beki, Erdogan told that he received “offers to negotiate,” but rejected them and vowed that he was “determined to eradicate the organization of the parellel state.”
President Abdullah Gül said that confronting corruption claims ‘should be te first priority,’ adding that new set of rules were needed, including a new law on the Court of Accounts
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