Hard to follow Turkish politics. BDP Deputies, Hakan Şükür, Ali Ağaoğlu. Struggle in full gear between AKP and Gülen movement

Just this morning I hear the news in Twitter that some high profile businessmen, including infamous Ali Ağaoğlu, close to AKP circles are detained… 


Hakan Şükür, a former well-known football player, close to Gülen movement, resigned from being an AKP MEP last night. The photo below from the good old days. Mr. Gülen was the witness in Hakan Şükür’s wedding while Mr. Erdoğan was the mayor to approve the marriage certificate… 

Very likely, tension between Gülen movement and AKP leadership leads to gross violation of law again: 

Diyarbakır court rejects release of jailed BDP deputies

A Diyarbakır court has ruled for the continuation of the detention of two BDP deputies


Ruled Not By Law, But Judicial Whim


AKP touts Turkey as a law and order state. Lately, it?s been more concerned with imposing a certain kind of autocratic order. It has cracked down on critics and anyone stepping out of line of a narrowly defined set of conservative norms, arresting people left and right not on the basis of evidence, but rumor and denouncement, and sending police to harass people (eg students living off campus) about behavior that is not illegal, but disliked by the prudish, thin-skinned government. This free manipulation and massage of the law to fit personal and community whims gives license to judges and prosecutors to do the same. So no matter that laws regarding crimes against women and children have in recent years been improved, their implementation remains in the hands of officials who do not care what is in their law books, but only what is in their ?hearts?.

AKP, Gülen Movement and Mandela

Since Turkey?s politicians and public have been only and intensely discussing the clash between the AKP-Gülen Movement


Erdogan v Gulen. Who will prevail?

The Economist (UK) Saturday, December 14, 2013 p. 28-29 The biggest achievement of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey?s prime minister, during a decade of rule, has been to get the army out of politics. He did it with the help of the country?s most influential Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen (pictured), who lives in self-imposed exile in

Crise ouverte entre Erdogan et une confrérie

Le Temps (Suisse) samedi 14 décembre 201 Boris Mabillard Les révélations du journaliste Mehmet Baransu ont suscité l?ire du premier ministre. Le gouvernement aurait manigancé contre la confrérie Gülen. L?éditorialiste Mehmet Baransu est une gloire de la presse turque. On lui doit les révélations sur les complots ourdis par l?armée pour renverser le gouvernement de

Portrait ? Bülent Arinç ? Un ministre face au « sultan »

Le Monde (France)  jeudi 12 décembre 2013, p. PEH7 Géo & Politique Guillaume Perrier, Istanbul, correspondance Entre le vice-premier ministre turc et le chef du gouvernement, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, le divorce semble consommé. Démissionner, le vice-premier ministre turc, Bülent Arinç, y a souvent pensé. La dernière fois, c?était mi-novembre, alors que le premier ministre, Recep

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