Corruption rises… Turkish finance minister: Public institutions unable to provide financial statements WHILE NGOs pressure Turkish government for ?urgent? election reform…

Public institutions unable to provide financial statements: Turkish finance minister

Public institutions were not able to provide balance sheets and financial statements in conformity with the format required by the Court of Accounts, Finance Minister Şimşek has said


NGOs pressure Turkish government for ?urgent? election reform


Turkey needs an immediate and scrutinized political party and election system reform to strenghten its democraticization process, Turkey?s prominent non-governmental organizations say

Headscarved lawmaker takes the floor for first time at Turkish Parliament


AKP Bursa MP Canan Candemir Çelik made a speech from the rostrum, marking a first

Where Are The Women?


A quick post before my laptop runs out of juice. My power cord just died and it will be a couple of days before I can replace it since I?m in transit.

I wanted to draw your attention to an article by David Lepeska in AlMonitor that gives some numbers for the participation of women in the Turkish political system at all levels. They are taken from a recent report by the Directorate General of Local Administrations, based on 2012 Interior Ministry statistics. It is scandalously low, sometimes approaching zero:


Journalists reporting leaked files risk imprisonment: Turkish Deputy PM

The journalist who recently reported a leaked story on a document from a 2004 MGK meeting should face the consequences, Deputy Prime Minister Arınç has said

More discontent of AKP does not mean increased support for opposition

A year ago around this time; I had conducted an interview with Bekir Ağırdır

‘Kurdistan’ still controversial in Turkey?s Parliament

The use of the word ?Kurdistan? in official documents by a political party represented in the Parliament has stirred controversy

Prime Ministry files complaint against daily Taraf over publishing of security council decisions

The Turkish Prime Ministry, MİT and MGK have filed criminal complaints against daily Taraf

CHP and the US rediscover each other

Main opposition Republican People?s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu started his five day contacts in Washington DC on Dec 1

Post-election scenarios for parties

The March 2014 local elections hold historical significance for four political parties represented in the Parliament

Dissenting former AKP deputy İdris Bal gets irreverent crossword taunt

Question: ‘Who is the AKP deputy who betrayed his party?’ Clue: İdris Bal’s picture

HDP?s doors not closed for alliance with CHP

The People?s Democratic Party (HDP) has its doors open for any prospective alliance in the upcoming local elections with the main opposition CHP, the HDP?s co-chair Sebahat Tuncel said



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