it looks like İstanbul is now over with the snow… news roundup..

Taksim Square 2 days ago. via @serkangunel


Visitors to Istanbul on rise


The number of foreign tourists visiting Istanbul increased by 11 percent this year

by joseph dana (@ibnezra)joseph dana joseph dana (@ibnezra) 8:05 AM on Dec 11, 2013:

This vendor gets points for trying. Even on a snow day you can get a simit in Istanbul.



Istanbul becoming Greek restaurateurs’ new favorite cityHurriyet Daily News

The economic crisis may be biting Greece, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s investors from turning their eyes east to opportunities in Istanbul, with business

Abandoned: Winter Wonderland in Istanbul

Tuesday?s Champions League match between Juventus and Galatasaray was suspended and then abandoned because of snow

Istanbul hit by heavy snowHurriyet Daily News

The first snow of winter started to fall in Istanbul tonight as the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality took tight measures to prevent disruptions to traffic and public


Solution to Istanbul’s parking predicament: floating car parksHurriyet Daily News

The Istanbul Municipality is preparing to introduce its solution to the quagmire of … car parks to be docked between Marmaray (Istanbul’s newly opened railway


A day in ? Cihangir, IstanbulThe Guardian

During the Gezi protests earlier this year, the neighbourhood of Cihangir near Istanbul’s Taksim Square earned its stripes as an anti-establishment stronghold as


Ruling AKP?s Topbaş to re-run for Istanbul Mayor post

Turkish PM Erdoğan has announced the current Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş as his ruling AKP candidate for Istanbul in the 2014 March local elections

Moving in Istanbul: One place to another

Last week was a very hectic week. I moved? The funny thing is that I moved just 700 meters

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