R.I.P. Doris Lessing… A Literati roundup…

Nobel Prize-winning British author Doris Lessing dies aged 94

British author Doris Lessing, whose powerful feminist and anti-colonial writing won her the Nobel Literature Prize, died at the age of 94


Turkish epitaph: Christopher de Bellaigue on Orhan Pamuk

Christopher de Bellaigue is struck by the vulgar, Stepford Wives vision that has replaced the declining beauty of Europe’s largest city, a rare beauty that was the backdrop to Orhan Pamuk’s disturbing novel, Istanbul

?404? is the Top Word of 2013 followed by fail!, hashtag, @pontifex, and The Optic in 14th Annual Survey of Global English

404 is the Top Word, Toxic Politics the Top Phrase, and Pope Francis the Top Name


Global Language Monitor?s 14th Annual Survey of Global English

Number of Words in the English Language:  1,025,109.8 (projected January 1, 2014 estimate)


Neil Gaiman interviews Lou Reed

From 1992, Neil Gaiman’s smart, revealing interview with Lou Reed for Reflex Magazine, featuring things like, “I thought I’d earned the right; that I knew enough about Life at this point, and had gone through enough where I thought stating an opinion about a thing or two would not be soapboxy or preachy but was just hard-won experience trying to communicate to other people.”

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