Looks like CHP trapped by the Headscarf issue again… A politics roundup..



Poll winners will become our candidates in local elections, Turkey’s main opposition leader says

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu said the presumptive nominees suspected to lead the polls will be the party?s candidates during the municipal elections

Time is right for headscarf in Turkish Parliament: Deputy

The time has become right for female deputies to wear headscarves, Deputy Nurcan Dalbudak said before her historic entrance into the Parliament with two other female lawmakers.

Nationalist party head urges CHP to be ‘understanding’ over headscarved deputies

MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli has urged the main opposition to be ‘understanding’ if female ruling party lawmakers choose to wear headscarves at Parliament

HDP pledges diversity with its party assembly

The recently renewed Peoples? Democratic Party (HDP) has established a key administrative body representing many segments of Turkish society that umbrella party seeks to embrace

Tuncel: HDP Congress Underlined Our HDK Pre-Work

?The attendance and enthusiasm of our party congress was a proof that HDP will bring a new breath to Turkey?s political environment,? said Sebahat Tuncel, HDP?s newly elected co-chair.

Main opposition CHP vows to oppose veiled MP

The CHP has vowed to use internal parliamentary regulations to protest the presence of veiled MPs in the legislature

Calm before the storm at the CHP

Main opposition Republican People?s Party is set to determine its local candidates and start its campaign in November

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