Minister says “Marmaray tunnel will be the ?strongest structure of Istanbul

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Marmaray tunnel will be the ?strongest structure of Istanbul,? Turkish minister says

Istanbul?s grand Marmaray tunnel project, which is expected to be opened to use on Oct 29, the day of Turkey?s Republic Day holiday

Vacationers cause car park overflow at Istanbul airport

Turkish vacationers, swarming to planes to get away for the nine-day long holiday of Eid al-Adha

Istanbul real estateChicago Tribune

The luxury apartments and the homes are one of the latest trends that have just started in the business of Istanbul real estate. This is the reason that makes this

5 new reasons to visit

Despite all the water, Istanbul is not known as a place to go for a dip. The main waterway is the domain of boats and fisherman. However you can make trips to

No strategic shift after Iran-West rapprochement, says President Gül

The argument that rapprochement between Iran and West will bring changes in strategic relations in the region is ?being exaggerated,? according to Turkish President

US seriously concerned over Turkey?s China decision

The US is ?seriously concerned? about Turkey?s decision to purchase a missile system from China, the US Ambassador to Turkey says

Turkish medical centre helps wounded Syrians

The Syrian Medical Centre is a long-term care facility for those wounded in the Syrian conflict.


Turkey Adrift

Ankara?s decision to buy a weapons system from a Chinese company signals that Turkey has lost its way on foreign policy.


Riyadh to shift away from US over Syria

Saudi Arabia?s intelligence chief has said the kingdom will make a ?major shift? in dealings with the United States


ECHR Istanbul caseInCyprus

NICOSIA – A landmark case at the European Court of Human Rights has safeguarded the rights of relatives of Greeks in Istanbul to inherit property even if they

Is Kanal Istanbul a disaster project?Hurriyet Daily News

Apparently, the ?Kanal Istanbul Project? announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the 2011 elections is being prepared. Transportation Minister

Istanbul, la mégapole eurasienne saisie par la folie des grandeurs

La Tribune Hebdomadaire (France) no. 62, vendredi 11 octobre 2013, p. 20 Elisa Perrigueur Si la ville n?a pas obtenu l?organisation des Jeux olympiques pour 2020 (au profit de Tokyo), elle n?arrête pas pour autant ses mégaprojets : la construction du plus grand aéroport du monde, d?un réseau ferroviaire souterrain de 76 km, d?un troisième

A Seasonal Feast in IstanbulWall Street Journal

Then move on to one of the daily specials, perhaps patlican dolmasi, a whole sun-dried Hatay eggplant stuffed with firik, before gilding the lily with kunefe,

Istanbul – where history meets magicYour Middle East

I love Istanbul because it stands against what is portrayed of East and West today: two different worlds, far away from understanding each other, writes Aslihan


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