Looking at its rector, islamitische universiteit rotterdam is a big farce…

A recent article in Dutch newspaper accuses the rector of Islamic University of Rotterdam, Ahmet Akgündüz, of spreading intolerance, anti-western beliefs etc. And he is also quoted today in our social media circles of blaming Occupy Gezi activists as “mosque enemies, communist union leaders, pro-Asad people who murders Muslims, Alevites etc.”

Akgündüz (L) with Bülent Arınç (R), spokesperson of the current Turkish government. The photo might give an idea…

Before he disappeared from Turkey media scene, he was known to promote a mythical Islamised Ottoman Empire, which had no scientific basis but already ideologically located in Turkey’s conservative/ right wing circles. Now he moves to Europe to promote such intolerant dogmatic ideas while he uses European standards of freedom of speech in order to defy Western lifestyles.


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