Latest scenario in Turkish politics: One more term with President Gül…


Latest scenario: One more term with President Gül

President Abdullah Gül made very clear that nobody should dismiss him in predicting who will be the Çankaya Presidential Palace?s next tenant, who will be named in August 2014 elections.


Erdogan and Gul to hold crucial meeting

Gul?s supporters suggest he is raring to return to executive office and that final decision is likely to come after local elections in March


Student oath is the wrong kind of nationalism, Turkish PM says

‘Lining up kids every morning and making them chant slogans from the 1930s is not nationalism,’ PM Erdoğan said, striking against opposition criticism of the removal of the student’s oath

Main opposition calls for more transparency in Turkey’s local polls

The main opposition Republican People?s Party has voiced its concern over electoral fraud

Main opposition CHP challenges ruling AKP with charter articles

Kılıçdaroğlu voiced his party?s readiness to vote at Parliament on the 59 articles that have received the consensus of the four parties in the Constitution Conciliation Commission.


Ruling AKP to name headscarved candidate in upcoming local elections: PM Erdoğan

The AKP will likely name a headscarved female candidate in the March 2014 local elections after the a headscarf ban for women in public office was lifted by a democratization package

The Alevi issue: A litmus test

The ?democratization package? Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan announced this week is worthy of support

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