Turkey says Israel hasn’t met all conditions for normalizing ties after 2010 ship attack

Turkey’s foreign minister says there has been some progress in improving Turkish-Israeli relations but Israel has not yet fulfilled all conditions for normalizing ties.

 Israel must do more to normalize ties with Turkey, FM Davutoğlu says

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said there has been ?some progress? in improving Turkish-Israeli relations but Israel has not yet fulfilled all conditions for normalizing ties.
SNC admits alienating Syrian Islamist rebels

With Islamists making gains in northern Syria, the Syrian National Coalition admits that his group has lost the ear of the Islamists by avoiding contact
Up to 32 supporters detained for field invasion during Istanbul derby

Authorities detained 32 supporters today in connection with the invasion of the pitch during the Beşiktaş-Galatasaray derby game over the weekend
Turkey and Arabs seek to boost economic ties

Turkey and Arab countries aim to boost their economic and trade relations and seek to trigger the process
What has happened to Turkey in the last five years?

A Columbia University initiative, the Columbia Global Centers to be more specific
Al-Qaeda, Kurdish militia clash on Syrian border with Turkey: Activists

Seven al-Qaeda-affiliated rebels were killed in a battle with a Syrian Kurdish militia on Sept. 25, as violence between Syria‘s Arabs and Kurds increased, opposition activists said
Permanent Security Council members agree on core of UN Syria draft resolution: Diplomats

The U.S., Russia, France, China and Britain have agreed on the core of a U.N Security Council resolution to rid Syria of its chemical weapons, Western diplomats said
Nos amis les Turcs

L?Express (France) no. 3247, mercredi 25 septembre 2013, p. 29 Marcelo Wesfreid Lors de son déplacement à Istanbul, le 12 septembre, le ministre délégué aux Affaires européennes, Thierry Repentin, a délivré un message clair aux dirigeants turcs : ?La place de la Turquie est, à terme, dans l?Union européenne.? Il a accordé une interview au
Les Turcs privés de libre circulation

Le Temps (Suisse) mercredi 25 septembre 2013 Ram Etwareea, Bruxelles La Cour de justice de l?Union européenne a rejeté une plainte d?une citoyenne turque déposée sur la base de l?accord d?Ankara signé en 1963 L?Union européenne (UE) n?a aucune obligation d?accorder aux citoyens turcs un droit d?entrée sans visa. Ce verdict a été rendu mardi

Turkish President meets Obama at UN lunch

Turkish President Abdullah Gül has had conversation with his U.S. counterpart Barrack Obama in private during a UN lunch

Kidnapped Turkish pilots moved to unknown location: report

The kidnappers of two Turkish pilots have moved the pilots from Beirut?s southern suburbs to an unknown location


US, EU bungled Arab Spring strategy: Study

The United States and the European Union lack strategy and influence in countries affected by the Arab Spring

Syria committed to chemical weapons deal: Assad

Syria is committed to the convention against

Turkish President Gül meets with Iranian counterpart Rouhani

Turkish President Abudllah Gül met with Iran?s newly-elected President Hassan Rouhani in New York

Iran open to top-level talks with US: foreign minister

Iran is ready to engage in high-level talks with long-time foe the United States, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said
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