EFD Rights Watch: Turkey at work to trick UEFA to bring police at games..


Turkey seeks way to sway UEFA over police at games

The Turkish government is mulling ways to convince UEFA over the authorization of police officers to oversee the security at games

Male students wear skirts to protest ban in Turkey’s Antalya

A small group of male high school students wore skirts in protest at a ban on girls wearing skirts yesterday

Mission Journal: Why Turkey matters – Blog

Committee to Protect Journalists ? Turkey is hardly a press freedom paradise, but what makes the country so exciting for journalists is the amount of news it generates on any given day. The domestic story is huge, with near-daily street protests, the booming economy beginning to


18 PKK members escape from prison via tunnel in eastern Turkey

Some 18 inmates that were reportedly members of the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) have escaped from a prison

Gendarmerie captures 17 PKK member fugitives, still searching for one

Seventeen of the 18 inmates who tunneled out of a prison in the eastern province of Bingöl have been captured

Male Violence August 2012

A compilation made by bianet revealed that male perpetrators left 16 women and 3 men dead, 18 raped, 31 women, 4 men and 1 child injured and 11 sexually harassed in August 2012. Most male violence related cases were reported from Istanbul.


Court releases 17 arrested in KCK case in Mardin

A local court in southeastern Turkey released 17 arrested suspects in a trial over membership of the Kurdish Communities Union (KCK)

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