“Syria Talks Yield Plan for Broader Peace Conference as US, Russia starts third day of Syria talks… Syria updates…

US, Russia starts third day of Syria talks

The United States and Russia on Sept. 14 began a third day of talks to hammer out an agreement on eliminating Syria’s chemical weapons
Morning Brief: Syria Talks Yield Plan for Broader Peace Conference

Syria Talks Yield Plan for Broader Peace Conference

Top news: The United States and Russia on Thursday kicked off discussions about a possible plan to bring President Bashar al-Assad‘s chemical weapons stockpiles under international control, with Secretary of State John Kerry emphasizing that the threat of U.S. military intervention was still very much alive. The plan, which originated as an offhand remark by Kerry and was seized on by Moscow, would require the Syrian regime to join the international Chemical Weapons Convention, declare its chemical stockpiles, and turn them over to the international community.

7 Things Putin Loves That America Really Is Exceptional At

Is the United States of America the greatest country on earth?

US, Russia agree plan on Syria’s chemical weapons

The United States and Russia have agreed on a proposal to eliminate Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said after three days of talks with Russian counterpart
Playing Dice with God in the Middle East: The Putin Way

By Samson A. Bezabeh,

The World War II war time correspondent Emie Pyle once said that ?there is no atheist in the fox hole?. What he meant does not only indicate the brutality of war but the honesty that can come out in war. In pronouncing these words, Pyle was pronouncing the truth about mankind, a deceptive being with layers of ideas. The whole thinking behind Pyle?s statement is that man need to be cornered to shade the various facades that he has adopted. As a Christian, the core for Pyle was the presences of God.

Border strife fuels Turkey anger on Syria

Ankara wants air strikes against Assad?s forces, paving the way for regime change, but commentators warn armed action could make matters worse

Syria isn?t Kosovo and this isn?t 1999. Not even close

Grasping at vague notions of Kosovo as a ?good war? may be expedient – any precedent will do in a pinch. But this comparison is inaccurate and dangerously misleading.

?The Balkans have long been the last surviving shred of happy-hunting ground for the adventurous,? a place for ?the old-time happy-go-lucky wars?.  Saki (H.H. Munro), The Cupboard of the Yesterdays

Western leaders and their advisors have alighted on NATO?s 1999 attack on Yugoslavia as a precedent for military action against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Among many others, Enver Hoxhaj, Kosovo?s Foreign Minister, argues that the NATO campaign is a model for handling Syria in an article in Foreign Policy titled ?It?s 1999 in 

Davutoğlu condemns executions by Syrian rebels, but warns of ‘propaganda tactics’

The Turkish FM has condemned the executions committed by al-Qaeda-linked Syrian rebel groups, but warned about attempts to delegitimize the opposition
UN says Syria chemical treaty application not complete

The U.N. has asked Syria for more information about its application to join the chemical weapons convention, holding up accession, a spokesman said
Turkey, Europe and the Syrian Crisis: What Went Wrong?

GTE Commentary (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No.8, 13 September 2013, 3 p. by Nathalie Tocci * Syria should have united, not torn, Turkey and Europe apart. It should have led both sides to work together, and through closer foreign policy coordination, possibly rebuild part of that long-lost trust that is badly needed to re-launch the broader
Hatay, Gezi, Syria and the anatomy of a multi-catastrophic war

Becoming more motivated in its anti-government movement, Hatay is nowadays risking becoming a sectarian spark

How Turkey went from ?zero problems? to zero friends

The Washington Post (USA) Thursday, August 22, 2013 By Piotr Zalewski, Istanbul Not so long ago, Turkey seemed to have found the elusive formula for foreign policy success. Its newly adopted philosophy, ?zero problems with neighbors,? won praise both at home and abroad as Ankara reengaged with the Middle East following a half century of

Turkey must refocus on EU, top boss says

TÜSİAD?s Yılmaz seeks to put Turkey?s moribund EU accession process back on the front burner, saying it is absolutely critical for democratization
Varosha ?non-starter? for talks over Cyprus

The Turkish foreign minister turned down a proposal from the Greek Cypriot administration regarding the closed city of Varosha

Ankara isolé

Courrier international, no. 1193, jeudi 12 septembre 2013, p. 18       Türkçe Hasan Cemal, T24 (Istanbul) Lorsque l?AKP [le parti musulman modéré turc] est arrivé au pouvoir [en 2002], la situation était différente. En effet, au début des années 2000, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Abdullah Gül [ministre des Affaires étrangères de 2002 à 2007] et

Smugglers carrying blue jerry cans on horses ride back to Syria along the wire fences after ferrying fuel smuggled into Turkey in Hatay province

Smugglers carrying blue jerry cans on horses ride back to Syria along the wire fences after ferrying fuel smuggled into Turkey from over the border in Syria, 2 km (1.2 miles) away from the Turkish Cilvegozu border gate, located opposite the Syrian commercial crossing point Bab al-Hawa in Reyhanli, Hatay province, September 8, 2013. Each night, fuel is smuggled into Turkey from over the border in Syria. The thousands of liters of diesel that make their way by cover of darkness to Turkey’s southern Hatay province are a financial lifeline for Syria’s rebels, as well as a source of income for Turkish middlemen. Much of the oil is sourced from Syria’s eastern Deir al-Zor province, a region critical to the country’s overall output, which largely fell under the control of a network of tribes and smugglers earlier this year. Fuel is heavily taxed in Turkey, meaning the black market for illegal imports from Syria, however crudely refined in makeshift facilities, is thriving and sends cash ..

R2P ? hindrance not a help in the Syrian crisis

The Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine has failed to build an international consensus for action to protect civilians in Syria. Worse, R2P?s implicit support for military action without UN authorization has contributed to the UN?s paralysis.

50 years of EU-Turkey relations: talk the talk and walk the walk

Uluslararası Politika Akademisi (UPA) 12 September 2013 Laura Batalla 12th September 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Ankara Agreement, signed in 1963 in Ankara, hence its name. The agreement established an association between Turkey and the then European Economic Community (EEC) signaling the start of a long-standing close relationship. The Ankara Agreement provided the [?]

Let the Blames Begin

Istanbul?s bid to host the 2020 Summer Olympics was based on the city?s symbolism, and that wasn?t strong enough

Turkey ? The New Ottomans (Part Three)

BBC (UK) Tuesday, 10 September 2013 Allan Little What is Turkey?s relationship with Europe, in particular with the Balkans, which were on the Western limits of the old Ottoman Empire? Turkish businessmen have been rapidly rebuilding their links with the Balkan states ? and some saw this as a first step towards rebuilding of bridges

After the Boom: Risks to the Turkish Economy

Briefing Paper (Chatham House) Europe BP 2013/02, August 2013 Fadi Hakura * After a strong post-crisis recovery, Turkish growth slowed sharply to 2.2 per cent  in 2012. The success of Prime Minister Erdoğan?s government has been rooted in economic prosperity, which will remain a central issue for his popularity.  Turkey?s economy has been boosted by [?]

La Turquie espérait rebondir grâce aux Jeux

Le Monde (France) mardi 10 septembre 2013, p. SCQ4 Économie et Entreprise Claire Guélaud La Turquie ne bénéficiera pas de l?élan qu?aurait pu lui donner l?organisation des Jeux olympiques d?été de 2020 à Istanbul. Le Comité international olympique (CIO) a préféré, samedi 7 septembre, à cette candidature ? la cinquième pour la Turquie -, celle [?]

Iraq vows to reinstate relations with Turkey

Turkey and Iraq have reached an agreement to reinstate bilateral ties, Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi said


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