Cyberculture roundup: Twitter Vs. Facebook: A Tale Of Two IPOs….EFF’s guide to NSA reform bills

Twitter Vs. Facebook: A Tale Of Two IPOs

From Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg?s mouth to Twitter?s ears: The long awaited, much anticipated Twitter initial public offering is upon us.

Twitter Plans to Go Public

Twitter is the next giant social network with plans to cash in.

Academics Launch Fake Social Network to Get an Inside Look at Chinese Censorship

New research shows China?s online censorship relies on a competitive market where companies vie to offer the best speech-suppressing technology and services.

EFF’s guide to NSA reform bills

As the Snowden leaks (and the materials that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has compelled the DoJ to publish) show, the NSA is out of control. The laws that supposedly limit its activities are routinely flouted; the court that is supposed to oversee its activities is a rubber-stamp machine; and the supposed Congressional oversight of its activities are kept in the dark and denied any real authority.

Explore the Galapagos? biodiversity with Street View

This week marks the 178th anniversary of Darwin?s first exploration of the Galapagos Islands. This volcanic archipelago is one of the most biodiverse and unique places on the planet, with species that have remarkably adapted to their environment. Through observing the animals, Darwin made key insights that informed his theory of evolution. Here?s a short documentary that captures the 10-day expedition:

US intel agency shares data with Israel: Report

The National Security Agency shares raw surveillance data with Israel without first removing information about US citizens

Redhack announces election software as next target

Redhack has identified the Computer Supported Central Voter Registry System as their next big target

 The NSA And U.S. Congress Have Destroyed All Web Security. We Must Rebuild It From The Ground Up.

Patch panel with network cabling

Infopolicy:?The NSA has forged web security certificates. What?s worse, we knew that they could, and we still trusted certificate-based web security. Web security as we know it is dead and worthless ?worse than worthless, even ? and must be rebuilt from the ground up.

How the feds asked Microsoft to backdoor BitLocker, their full-disk encryption tool

As the astonishing news that the NSA spent $250M/year on a sabotage program directed against commercial security systems spreads, more details keep emerging. A long and interesting story on Mashable includes an interview with Peter Biddle, an ex-Microsoft security engineer who worked extensively on BitLocker, a full-disk encryption tool with a good reputation that was called into question by the latest leaks. Biddle (disclosure: a friend of mine) describes how he was approached to add a backdoor to BitLocker, and how he rebuffed various government agencies.


Bitcoin?s Vast Overvaluation Appears Caused By (Usually) Illegal Price-Fixing

Bitcoin render by cybrbeast

Swarm Economy:?Bitcoin is soaring again. On examining the market size and market share for bitcoin, the valuation is unwarranted by several orders of magnitude. On closer inspection, illegal price-fixing is going on ? illegal in most parts of the world, anyway.

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