“the story behind the explosive NSA Bullrun scoop…”Appelbaum, Campbell, Rusbridger on NSA and mass surveillance.. Cyberculture roundup…

ProPublica journalist explains the story behind the explosive NSA Bullrun scoop

This week, The Guardian broke a sensational news story that revealed the NSA?s $250 million-a-year ?Bullrun? program that is apparently responsible for putting backdoors into consumer software for the purpose of monitoring.

Appelbaum, Campbell, Rusbridger on NSA and mass surveillance | Wikileaks on spies

Recent espionage revelations are turning into an avalanche as a beleaguered US Government attempts to gag imprisoned journalist Barrett Brown. Here we present three ?must see? videos. In the above video Jacob Appelbaum (investigative journalist, software developer and computer security researcher with the Tor Project) comments on the plethora of surveillance systems used by US authorities and how what we have so far seen from Edward Snowden is just the tip of the iceberg. According to investigative researcher Duncan Campbell, who first exposed Echelon some 30 years back ? see second video, below ? thirty countries now share in NSA data, including major collaboration from Sweden. Alan Rusbridger, the Editor-in-chief of The Guardian (see third video) provides a detailed overview and background to the revelations by Snowden and the role of The Guardian in publishing these revelations.

Google Evolved: The Past, Present and Future of Search Engine Marketing

While they may not have known it at the time, Larry Page and Sergey Brin were about to unleash the power of the World Wide Web and change business as it had been known for hundreds of years. A new industry of online commerce was being born, and along with it came everything we?ve come to know from digital advertising to social media marketing.

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Infographics

The volume of infographics goes up more than 1% each day. I must confess: I never saw the attraction. It?s not like I didn?t realize infographics had become raging hot. I just didn?t get what the big deal was. I mean, you take a subject worthy of content creation, sprinkle in some icons, graphs and such and what do you have? A little picture show?

Private Torrent Sites Run Their Own Mini-PRISM to Share Data on UsersWhen it comes to keeping their privacy, many file-sharers like to think of themselves as a secretive bunch.

The ever popular VPN is showing no signs of decline and as time goes on the interest in joining private torrent communities grows.

Censorship Busters: The Challenges of Running a Pirate Bay Proxy

In many countries across Europe users visiting many of the world?s leading torrent sites are greeted with messages informing them that the domain is no longer available.

These court-ordered blockades requested by the music and movie industries are becoming widespread, but even more common are tools to circumvent them.

90 percent of Tor keys can be broken by NSA: what does it mean?

Errata Security CEO Rob Graham has published a blog-post speculating that ninety percent of the traffic on the Tor anonymized network can be broken by the NSA. That’s because the majority of Tor users are still on the an old version of the software, 2.3, which uses 1024 RSA/DH keys — and at keylengths of 1024 RSA/DH crypto can be broken in a matter of hours using custom chips fabbed at an estimated cost of $1B. It seems likely that the NSA has spent the necessary sum and sourced these chips (likely from IBM).

The Top 10 Searches for Online Dating Sites


Whether you’re focused on your career, haven’t found the right person or are simply exploring relationship options tailor-made for the digital age, online dating can be a great step toward improving your love life


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