Shame on you Facebook, who admits banning all Kurdish politics related content…

Facebook admits it provided u

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ser info to Turkish police

Data released by Facebook yesterday show that authorities in Turkey submitted 96 information requests

Kurdish politicians to take action after Facebook admits to banning pages with PKK content

Turkey?s Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) vowed on to start legal action against Facebook

Facebook admits banning all pages with PKK content

Facebook?s director of Europe has admitted that the networking site actively bans pages belonging to Kurdish politicians


Facebook Issues User Data Transparency Report

After speculation that major companies like Facebook were involved in PRISM, a secret government program that monitors user data, Facebook aims to bring more transparency to its privacy policy. Previously, Facebook released a statement regarding the user data request process in place for government authorities. Now Facebook follows up on that statement by releasing its first Global Government Requests Report.

Turks use mobile most in Europe

Turks are those who speak the most on their mobile phones in Europe, with a monthly average of 323 minutes for the second quarter


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