As Gezi Park related witch hunt continues, Turkey’s ‘Standing Man’ wins German rights award….

Turkey’s ‘Standing Man’ wins German rights award

Turkey’s “Standing Man”, a performance artist who became an icon of anti-government protests this year, will receive a major German human rights award next week, the jury said Monday.

The protests in Turkey: urban warfare in ‘rebel cities’

These are democratic protest movements in societies experiencing rapid change where the public?s demand for better services and more democracy at local as well as national levels grow at a faster pace than their governments? ability to provide.

Gezi Park: Turkey’s new opposition movement

Turkish protesters try to rekindle the spirit

Witch hunt hurts Turkey?s financial center aspirations

The investigation started by the government into financial transactions during the Gezi protests has harmed Turkey, according to a economist

Naming’ and ‘Shaming’ In Turkish Politics – Al-Monitor

the Pulse of the Middle East ? kjenson ? By: Pinar Tremblay for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse Posted on August 26. On Aug. 24, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke in his hometown of Rize. The highlight of his speech was the US condemnation of Erdogan’s remarks about Israel being?

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