“Erdogan’s Self-Righteous Blast on Egypt…. Egypt roundup…

Erdogan’s Self-Righteous Blast on Egypt – Al-Monitor

the Pulse of the Middle East ? kjenson ? By: Semih Idiz for Al-Monitor Turkey Pulse Posted on August 16. Although Egyptians are bearing the brunt of the latest bloody events in Egypt, Turkey appears to be the only country reacting to these events as if it were all happening within its own

Turkey, Egypt recall ambassadors as relations deteriorate

ANKARA, Turkey ? Turkey’s leaders kept up their criticism of Egypt on Friday, calling the violence there a “shame for Islam and the Arab World,” a day after the two countries recalled their ambassadors following the crackdown on supporters of Mohammed Morsi, the ousted Egyptian president.
Turkish deputy PM calls on OIC’s Turkish chief to resign over Egypt coup stance

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister has called on head of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to resign from his position
Turkey PM condemns inaction on Egypt crisis

Turkey’s prime minister lashed out Saturday at the international response to the escalating crisis in Egypt, saying organisations including the UN and EU should be ashamed of their inaction.
“Politics in the stadiums”: 
Turkish journalist and AA reporter trapped in Cairo mosque detained

TRT’s Metin Turan and Anadolu Agency?s Heba Zakaria both trapped inside al-Fath Mosque
Interactive timeline: Egypt in turmoil

Follow the ongoing political and social upheaval in the Arab world’s most populous country.
US politicians criticise Obama’s Egypt stance

“Aid to the Egyptian military should cease unless they restore democracy,” said Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy.
Bloodshed in occupied Egypt

As I sat down to write this piece yesterday, the Egyptian military had killed more than 600 people
How would Egypt?s coup become a democracy test for Turkey?

Troubled by recent political woes posing risks to its regional inspirations cemented via Islamist allies
Can Obama sustain US policy on Egypt?

The statement of U.S. President Barack Obama on Egypt on Aug. 15 was too little and too late.
Egypt?s envoy to Turkey warns of economic impacts of Ankara?s posture

Egypt’s ambassador to Turkey, who has been recalled to Cairo by his government for consultations, warned Ankara about the economic consequences of its hard line
Turkey cancels naval drills with Egypt

Beijing, Aug. 17 : Turkey has canceled two naval drills with Egypt over the Arab nation’s use of force against Muslim Brotherhood protesters, which has killed at least 578 people, Turkey’s Hurriyet daily reported on Friday.
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