The Guardian commentary: “Turkey has only itself to blame if it is shunned by the EU – A FP roundup…

Turkey has only itself to blame if it is shunned by the EU | Robert Ellis

The vandalism and looting of Cyprus’s cultural heritage that has occurred since 1974 is unworthy of any civilised nation Martin Kettle’s claim that Turkey is “held hostage by the atavistic parochialism of a Greek Cypriot statelet of fewer than one million people and with a declining GDP of $23bn” is far from the truth. Kettle concerns himself with “the big issues” facing Europe such as its .


Turkey: When Erdoğan Looks at Egypt?s Morsi, Does He See Himself?

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is critical of Egypt?s military for unseating the country’s first democratically elected president, the Muslim-Brotherhood-backed Mohammed Morsi. At the same time, the July 3 coup in Egypt appears to be encouraging Erdoğan to maintain his own get-tough policies in Turkey, analysts say.


Germany behind Gezi protests to stop Istanbul?s third airport: Ruling AKP lawmaker

Germany had a role in the countrywide Gezi Park protests, a senior ruling party lawmaker says

Turkey?s miscalculations in the Middle East

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan called Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone on August 5

Turkish PM Erdoğan and Obama discuss Syria and Egypt

Turkish PM Erdoğan and US President Obama spoke by phone to discuss developments in Syria and Egypt


Turkey?s prospects

Turkey?s political, psychological and security climate is getting heavier

Turkey needs less Middle East, more Europe

There must be a reason why President Abdullah Gül said in his message on August 7 to Turkish citizens

President Gül wants Turkey to focus on EU accession

The country should leave polarization behind and unite for the European Union membership bid, President Abdullah Gül says in his Eid message

Europe can’t afford to alienate Turkey | Joschka Fischer

European policy driving the geopolitically sensitive Turkey into the arms of Russia and Iran is ironic, absurd and shortsighted Turkey’s “no” last month (a vote cast together with Brazil) to the new sanctions against Iran approved in the United Nations security council dramatically reveals the full extent of the country’s estrangement from the west. Are we, as many commentators have argued


Egypt and Turkey; a matter of style

For some, the problem in Egypt was a product of haste and inexperienced impositions of the Muslim Brotherhood on the rest of the society

Turkey, Egypt and the end of high expectations

Turkey?s ?model? of democracy for Muslim countries, was like U.S. President Barack Obama?s Nobel Peace Prize.

Ankara softens stance on Syria’s emboldened Kurds


asked Ilter Turan, a professor at Istanbul’s Bilgi University. “The channels for Turkey’s leaders to have an influence in Syria are closed unless they have dialogue with Syrian Kurds, especially after it has become clear it will not be that easy to


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