Today’s attack on women: Keep Pregrant women out of sight… A social fabric roundup- #DirenHamile

Pregnant women?s presence in public is ?disgraceful,? says Turkish lawyer

Turkish lawyer said that it was immoral for pregnant women with huge bellies to reveal themselves in public

#direnhamile (#resistpregnant)

Reacting upon advocate Inançer?s remarks ?Women shouldn?t wonder in streets while pregnant?, scores of women in Istanbul and Ankara are preparing to put pillows in their bellies and take the streets tonight.

Alevis ask President Gül to change name of Istanbul?s third bridge at iftar dinner

Alevi representatives asked President Gül to rename Istanbul?s third bridge after the Sufi mystic Yunus Emre

Turkish Red Crescent head retracts statement, says there is no such thing as ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ blood

There is no such thing as halal blood, the head of the Turkish Red Crescent has said, after having stated that drugs made with Turkish blood would eliminate the risk of non-Islamic dietary impacts

Alevi groups eschew iftar with President Gül, opt for Anti-Capitalist Muslims

An Alevi association said the gov’t could not secure brotherhood only at iftar tables

Turkish ministers don?t agree on growth target

Economy Minister Zafer Çağlayan said yesterday that the country needed a growth rate between 5.5 and 6 percent, despite the growth target in the medium program being determined as 4 percent


Turkey?s Top 500 companies announced

Turkish oil refiner Tüpraş has again topped the list of the Top 500 Turkish companies for 2012

Top Ten


1- Tüpraş (40 billion liras)

2- Ford Otomotiv (8 billion liras)

3- Oyak Renault (7.5 billion liras)

4- Arçelik (7.2 billion liras)

5- Turkish state power company EÜAŞ (6.9 billion liras)

6- Tofaş (5.6 billion liras)

7- İskenderun Iron and Steel Co. (5.4 billion liras)

8- Ereğli Iron and Steel Co. (5.1 billion liras)

9- İÇDAŞ (4.9 billion liras)

10- Aygaz (4.7 billion liras)


Over half of women at work unregistered in Turkey: Data

Almost half of female employees work informally in Turkey, according to state-run statistics body TÜİK?s data compiled by Anadolu Agency

400,000 minors abused by inner circle person in Turkey: Report

Up to 400,000 children have been sexually abused by family members in Turkey

Sharing and gift economies bloom in Turkey

The increasing number of exchange markets across the parks is one of the byproducts of the spirit of protests


Football in Turkey: A force for liberalisation and modernity?

The relationship between football and society in Turkey is unique and complex. Behind the corruption and fanaticism lies a culture that is challenging outdated social attitudes and leading Turkey’s European aspirations.


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