Eurosphere roundup: “Record 60% of Europeans ‘tend not to trust’ EU

Record 60% of Europeans ‘tend not to trust’ EU

The number of Europeans who distrust the European Union has doubled over the past six years to a record high, with bailed-out Greeks and Cypriots having the least faith in the bloc, according to a new Eurobarometer poll.

An economic crisis, record unemployment and five eurozone bailouts have taken their toll on the standing of the European Union that last year was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize but is increasingly viewed as an overbearing, cumbersome bureaucracy.

Embattled Bulgaria PM urges calm, says ready for talks

Bulgarian PM Oresharski urged protesters demanding his resignation to refrain from violence, two days after demonstrators trapped lawmakers inside parliament

The EU becomes assertive in the Middle East Peace Process

The adoption of this EU directive might be the first step towards a much needed ?paradigm shift? that will no longer enable Israel to dismiss the EU?s voice as ?unpleasant background noise?, the phrase used by foreign ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor in 2012.

Europe?s New Jewish Question

In March 1936, Poland?s lower house of parliament almost succeeded in outlawing ritual slaughter according to Jewish law. A few days ago, the ghosts of the past returned, when deputies rejected a government bill intended to keep religious slaughter legal

Bulgaria anti-government pressure persists after violence

New rallies in Bulgaria on July 24 increased pressure on the embattled government to resign, a day after demonstrators trapped lawmakers inside parliament for hours

Hezbollah: The EU’s new ‘terrorists’

Analysts say the EU decision to blacklist Hezbollah’s military wing will have little impact on the ground.

78 dead in worst Spanish train crash in decades

A train flew off the tracks as it reportedly tore at twice the speed limit around a bend in northwestern Spain, killing at least 78 passengers

The Greek catastrophe and a possible way out

The lead author of a major econometric analysis of the Greek economic crisis discusses the disastrous outcomes of the policies enforced on Greece by its international lenders, and the IMF?s admission that it made serious errors in its assessment of the impact of austerity on the Greek economy and society.

Cypriot deposit leakage continued in June

The latest Cypriot deposit statistics seem to be out and there are some strange goings on.

Let’s have a look beyond the (rather encouraging) headline figures on Spanish unemployment

The Spanish National Statistics Institute (INE) has this morning published its latest unemployment data. The headline figures look encouraging. In the second quarter of 2013, the number of unemployed people went down by 225,200 – and is now slightly below six million. The total unemployment rate now stands at 26.3%, while youth unemployment rate is 56.1%.

Australia tells Britain not to forsake the EU

Australia has told Britain it hopes it will remain part of the European Union, becoming the latest country to intervene in an emotive domestic debate that may culminate in a referendum to decide if Britain leaves the 28-nation bloc.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to hold such a referendum by the end of 2017 if he wins the next parliamentary election in two years’ time, responding to public concerns about perceived EU meddling in domestic affairs and signs that those EU states that use the euro may opt for greater integration.

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