Egypt roundup: “Egypt’s coup shakes Brotherhood’s Islamic partners in Turkey

Egypt PM struggles to form cabinet after Badie arrest ordered

Egypt’s new leadership faced increased difficulties in forming an interim government after it issued a warrant for the arrest of the leader of the Islamist movement

Egypt’s coup shakes Brotherhood’s Islamic partners in Turkey

Turkey’s ruling party invested heavily in Egyptian President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now it stands alone in its vocal criticism of the coup.

Egypt: liberal hypocrisy no laughing matter

While both pro- and anti- Morsi supporters are united in their desire to see Egypt take an independent path, the political leaderships ostensibly representing the two sides clearly rely upon the patronage of the United States, suggesting that no-one is willing or able to meet public demand.

Morsi’s downfall hammers Hamas

Analysts say Gazan rulers face increased political pressure in wake of Egypt’s coup.


US says ‘it’s clear Egyptians have spoken’

‘It’s clear that the Egyptian people have spoken,’ State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters when asked whether Washington still considered Morsi the legitimate president.

Turkey faces new realities in the Middle East

The coup in Egypt represented a serious blow to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan?s foreign policy calculus

We have suffered a lot from military coups, we don?t want the same for Egypt: Turkish PM

Turkey?s harsh stance regarding the military takeover in Egypt is due to its own recent history, Turkish PM Erdoğan said today

Egypt’s Bloomberg Outlasts His Islamist Enemies

CAIRO – It wasn’t long ago that Egypt’s second-richest man was being publicly shamed by his political enemies in the Muslim Brotherhood. So you might think that Naguib Sawiris would never want to see the Brothers back in the seat of power again.


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