AKP’s midnight bill, another governmental attack against Turkey’s civil society… A politics roundup…

Ruling AKP approves midnight bill to curb authority of chambers supporting Gezi

Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) votes ensured the passing of a late-night proposa.

24 TV editor-in-chief, columnist and anchor Yiğit Bulut appointed PM’s chief adviser

News anchor and editor-in-chief of private news broadcaster 24 TV Yiğit Bulut has been appointed as chief adviser of Prime Minister Erdoğan.

In Post-Gezi Era, Erdogan Tries to Suffocate the Civil Society

Two midnight coups happened in the world in the past week.


In Egypt, it was a military coup against an elected government.


In Turkey, it was the government’s coup against the civil society.


Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan‘s government amended a legal package at the eleventh hour last night and rushed to approve it, while many citizens were asleep.

Gov?t to curb authority of chambers in support of Gezi protests

As both the authority and a significant income source of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) have been severely limited by a late-night legislative proposal


Chamber condemns ruling AKP efforts to destroy engineering group

The Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects has rebuked the ruling Justice and Development Party for attempting to crush the association

Turkish President underwent operation for ear infection, his office says

President Abdullah Gül underwent an ear operation last weekend, President’s Office says

PKK withdrawal not finished yet: Minister

Government has not launched the second phase of the peace process, Interior Minister Muammer Güler said

Le parc Gezi sauvé de la destruction ou rendu au peuple et 2 Iftars à Taksim : Ramazan kutlu olsun !

Cela reste toujours aussi risqué de manifester sur Taksim. Les manifestants du mouvement  qui s?y étaient à nouveau donné rendez vous  l?ont à nouveau constaté, de même que  les journalistes des médias de l?opposition qui ont été  la cible des policiers  rapporte Bianet.13 d?entre d?eux ont été soit frappés, soit atteints par des balles en caoutchouc samedi dernier. Yunus Dalgıç, journaliste à Milliyet a même été blessé après avoir été  poussé sous un camion à eau.


Turkey: From Project to Project, from Protest to Protest

Even as Istanbul residents celebrated the reopening of Gezi Park, the small green space in the center of this city that sparked anti-government protests throughout Turkey last month, another demolition and another demonstration were busy getting underway. This time, gardens inside Istanbul’s old city walls that date back to the 6th century are the target.

The AKP can?t have it all its way

There is a lot of angry moralizing on the part of Turkish Islamists aimed at the West for its reluctance.


Ruling AKP deputy injured in Turkish Parliament melee over Gezi Park

Ruling Justice and Development Party Şırnak deputy Mehmet Emin Dindar was slightly injured in a melee with main opposition CHP deputies in Parliament

Que reste-t-il du mouvement de contestation en Turquie?

La Croix, no. 39625, lundi 8 juillet 2013, p. 4 De vous à nous ~ La question du jour Çigdem Mater, productrice de cinéma et manifestante La Turquie a été agitée en juin par une vague de contestation contre le gouvernement islamo-conservateur de Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Parti d?une mobilisation contre la destruction du parc Gez

No risk of fracture of process but expectations not met, says BDP co-chair after Kandil talks

BDP co-chair Gültan Kışanak told reporters on her return from the Kandil Mountains that many problems still remain to be solved

Turkey more of a conundrum: Fitch

Turkey?s main investment rating under risk, Fitch has said, citing that main vulnerabilities of the country could deteriorate due to heightened political unrest and Fed comments that prompted capital exit


President, Union of Chambers head deny reports claiming they are forming new political party

The Presidency and the chairman of TOBB’s chairman have dismissed claims that they are working to launch a new political party together, as it was reported by Turkish media

PKK changes leader, switches to co-chair system

The outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) changed its management cadre


Turkey: two roads to power

Anti-government protests in Turkey have revealed more than just a divide in the country; they are also highlighting differences between Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul ahead of 2014 Presidential elections.


Parliamentary Speaker Çiçek regrets absence of civilian Constitution

Parliamentary Speaker Çiçek, who begins another round of visits with political parties today, voices sorrow over the fact that the two-year efforts to complete the new charter have yet to bear fruit


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