A social fabric roundup: Turkish Deputy PM promotes marriage, even at early ages…

Turkish Deputy PM promotes marriage, even at early ages

Deputy PM Bülent Arınç emphasized the importance of conjugal unions for society


Turkey became first case for new UEFA rules, says analyst

The decision of UEFA to ban two Turkish football clubs comes after Europe?s football governing body approved last May stricter sanctions against match fixing

Who is manipulating Borsa Istanbul?

Markets were shocked on June 25 when Turkish equities watchdog Capital Markets Board (CMB) launched an investigation

Gold-loving Turks skeptic for last fall

Turks didn?t rush to benefit from plummeting gold prices this time as they believe the fall of the metal will persist in the long-run

Retail grows 10 percent amid Gezi protests in Turkey

Revenue of the organized retail sector increased by 10 percent in May 2013, compared to the month before


The rise of Turkish soap power

How romantic dramas are burnishing Turkey’s image

Late Turkish music idol Zeki Müren becomes symbol of LGBT parade

Solidarity with the Gezi Park protests was nowhere more evident than in the thousands that gathered June 30 for the LGBT Pride March

Majority of Turkish society says marriage at 18 is ?ideal? for women

A majority of Turkish society thinks the ideal age for marriage for women is between 18 and 24

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