Social Media Refuses To Share With Turkish Authorities… Gezi Park roundup…

Thanks, But No: Social Media Refuses To Share With Turkey

In its latest effort to rein in the country’s vibrant social media, Turkey says it has requested cooperation from Twitter and Facebook; they’re not playing ball. Protesters are embracing social media ? and the government has complained that such outlets won’t share user data with law enforcement.

294 children detained during Gezi protests

Almost 300 children at least were taken into custody during protests related to the Gezi Park unrest
Annulment case for Taksim renovation plan underway

A landmark plea to cancel the Gezi Park Master Plan has started in Istanbul


Turkey seeks to tighten grip on Twitter

Turkey said on Wednesday it had asked Twitter to set up a representative office inside the country, which could give it a tighter rein over the microblogging site it has accused of helping stir weeks of anti-government protests. While mainstream Turkish media largely ignored the protests during the early days of the unrest, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook emerged as the main ..

Business as usual in Turkey-EU ties

The unanimous decision by EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg to allow the opening of negotiations on Chapter 22..

CHP moves for freedom of expression law reforms

At a time when pressures on the use of rights and freedoms in Turkey have been a core topic..
Twitter does not have ‘perspective’ on Gezi protests: CEO

‘Twitter is an open public platform to say what you believe. That’s what users in Turkey are doing,’ CEO Dick Costolo said today regarding the Gezi protests
Facebook denies providing data to Turkish government

Facebook has denied Turkish minister’s statement today claiming that it provided data to the authorities on Gezi protests
Erdogan against a European Turkey?

Why did Erdogan miss his historic opportunity? Inadvertently? Due to exasperation? Or because, more consequentially, he does not identify with those ‘European values’ that would force him to respect a country that cannot be reduced to its Sunni, Turkish, conservative majority?

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