“10 REASONS TO VISIT ISTANBUL” and Istanbul news roundup…

Erdem Gunduz

10 REASONS TO VISIT ISTANBUL (through Mehmet Yaranona)


Why you should come and visit this beautiful city (and country)


1) The whole city is one massive human art installation. There are thousands of people staring in silence at a building. The Governor has been doing a post-constructivist stand-up routine for weeks.


2) It’s full of surprises, a must for any great holiday. One minute the police are beating journalists, the next they’re reading Tolstoy.


3) It’s pretty empty so you’ll get a great deal. My advice would be the Divan Hotel – compassionate staff, beautiful location and excellent medical facilities.

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Helicopter tours begin in Miniatürk

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür A.Ş. has initiated Flyride helicopter tour simulation.

Istanbul’s sights: The bazaar, Bosporus and tear gas

Washington Post

ISTANBUL ? A cruise up the Bosporus is one of the prime attractions of any trip to Istanbul, so we took the lovely two-hour ride Sunday. And just as the boat traversed the European and Asian sides of the Turkish city, home to so many civilizations, so


Istanbul quake zone silence eerie


But this natural slippage is being blocked by a small section, about 30km long, located under a chain of nine small islands known as the Princes Islands – a popular destination for day-trippers fromIstanbul. “The seismic silence along the Princes

Tender for Golden Horn Port on July 2: Journal

A tender for the privatization of the Haliç shipyard area in Istanbul to build a large yacht port will be held on July 2.

Istanbul most costly city of Turkey in 2012

The Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK) revealed the results of its regional purchasing power parity..

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