Burak Yıldırım, latest victim in fan violence… A social fabric roundup…

Burak Yıldırım

One killed, 122 detained in football tensions, title celebrations delayed

A supporter was stabbed to death and more than 100 fans were detained on May 12 as the violence.


Can?t help ?Beliebing:? Fandom and pop stars

from Hurriyet Daily News

Pre-teen girls from Turkey boasted a true profile of Beliebers when they became hysterical for concert of Bieber gave in Turkey.


Renowned masters choose Turkey?s standout wines

The ?Masters of Wine Weekend Istanbul,? one of the most prestigious wine events in Turkey.


Will platoon of Gallipoli films give Turkish audiences battle fatigue?

Hollywood often produces two films on one subject, but the six movies based on the Battle of Çanakkale are a sign of a healthy domestic market for Turkish products


Ruling party proposes bill banning advertising of alcoholic drinks

The AKP submitted a legal proposal restricting the sale and promotion of alcoholic drinks.

Turkish Airlines backs down on lipstick ban

Turkish Airlines is quashing a ban on female flight attendants wearing..

Child marriage still an issue in Turkey

Child marriage should not be an issue modern Turkey is still talking about.

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