EFD Rights Watch: Sergeant arrested after his alleged “pun tweet”… Euro court fines Turkey 80,000 euros

Kene in Turkish means tick, and the word is used by soldiers to make fun of generals who reach the rank ?without achieving success.? DHA photo

Turkish sergeant arrested after his ?pun tweet?

from Hurriyet Daily News

A military court arrested a Turkish first sergeant in the eastern province of Ağrı for allegedly.



Euro court fines Turkey 80,000 euros

from Hurriyet Daily News

The European Court of Human Rights has fined Turkey over 80,000 euros for violating articles on the right to life.



Neo-Nazi trials vs. Turkish court cases: Irrelevant comparison

from Hurriyet Daily News

Apparently, some of our German colleagues have recently been curious about the procedures..


German foreign minister criticises media rules for neo-Nazi trial

from Hurriyet Daily News

Germany’s foreign minister said the country’s image abroad could suffer because of a court’s failure to guarantee Turkish media access to a neo-Nazi murder.


Court board postpones Ergenekon trial amid ?high tension?

from Hurriyet Daily News

Judges hearing the controversial Ergenekon case postponed the trial until April 11 due to


Turkish PM slams main opposition for Ergenekon protests as prosecutors launch probe into lawmakers

from Hurriyet Daily News

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused today the main opposistion.



45 men protected from violence, minister says

from Hurriyet Daily News

Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin says that 45 men are receiving protection against domestic violence while one of them is using a ?panic button.

UNHCR commended Turkey ‘s efforts provided for Syrians

from Yahoo News Photos

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) commended Turkey for the consistent protection extended to Syrians over the past two years. According to a statement given to Anadolu Agency (AA) by Turkey branch of UNHCR, Turkey was supported and commended by UNHCR for its humanitarian efforts.


Diyarbakır police drop tear gas from helicopters to quell student clashes

from Hurriyet Daily News

A row between two student groups at Diyarbakır?s Dicle University ended in a police intervention, with police helicopters dropping tear gas to scatter students.


State-funded dictionary in Turkish-Kurdish ready

from Hurriyet Daily News

The Turkish Language Institute (TDK) has come to an end of the preparation phase of a Kurdish…

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