Americana roundup: American think tanks run by women.. Cheap Drones made in China…

How many American think tanks are run by women?

from FP Passport by Blake Hounshell


Wealth disparity in America: an inch of bar-graph for the 90%, 4.9 miles’ worth for the top 0.01%

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow

Cairo and Washington engage in ?twitter war?

from Hurriyet Daily News

A row erupted between Cairo and Washington after the US Embassy in Cairo tweets a link to a monologue


Cheap Drones Made in China Could Arm U.S. Foes

from Mashable! by TechNewsDaily


Does America have a global sport?

from FP Passport by Elias Groll


Obama Shows Talent for Arm-Twisting, and Raises Hopes on Peace Effort

from NYT > Turkey by By MARK LANDLER

After helping heal a rift between Israel and Turkey, analysts wonder whether President Obama will bring the same doggedness and personal involvement to pursuing peace between Israelis and Palestinians.


Here?s the Star Trek parody clip that the IRS spent $60,000 of US taxpayer money to shoot

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm

Checklist: Obama returns to the Middle East


On his first presidential visit to the region since 2009 Cairo speech, we evaluate US progress on key policy pledges.


Dems to Obama: Be more transparent about drones, kill lists. Obama: Nope.

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin


America’s 3 Biggest Cybersecurity Vunerabilities

from Mashable! by National Journal

New Pope Fails to Beat Obama’s Twitter Record

from Mashable! by Chris Taylor


The Republican Party Is Hiring a Chief Technology Officer

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick


Viral Video Shows the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality

from Mashable! by Charlie White


Spending cuts endanger Obama?s new term agenda

from Hurriyet Daily News

Just hours after across-the-board spending cuts officially took effect, U.S. President.


Does Congress know who it’s calling an ‘American hero’?

from FP Passport by John Hudson

47% of Americans don’t believe the U.S. is the world’s top military power

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating



Kerry says the greatest challenge to US foreign policy is the Congress

from Hurriyet Daily News

Secretary of State John Kerry warned Wednesday against “senseless” spending cuts to diplomacy

The risks and rewards of Obama’s drone policy

from Hurriyet Daily News

Between winding down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and overseeing the killing.


10 Social Media Moments That Shaped the Gun Control Debate

from MediaShift

During his 2013 State of the Union speech, President Obama touched on an issue very close to American hearts when he brought up gun control.

Social Media’s Dual Roles in the Gun Debate: Discourse, Advocacy

from MediaShift

As she made her way into a Wilmington, Del., courthouse last week, attorney Jennifer Lublinski saw a man pull out a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol and start firing. The man, Thomas Matusiewicz, turned the gun on his former daughter-in-law and her friend, then shot two police officers before finally pointing the gun at his own head and pulling the trigger. The whole event lasted just a few minutes but left Matusiewicz and two women dead on the courthouse floor. The two officers took direct hits to their bulletproof vests and survived.



Obama and the Middle East: the lessons of Iraq?

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Fawaz A Gerges

Why has the Obama administration been reluctant to intervene directly in the raging Syrian conflict, or even to arm the rebels? Why did the US president refuse to take ownership of the NATO mission in Libya, failing to engage in Tunisia and Egypt? What makes sense of Obama?s strategy towards the greater Middle East?


JOHN WILCOCK: Four Significant Events in the U.S. Counterculture, 1958 & 1959

by Ethan Persoff and Scott Marshall

From an ongoing interview and biography of John Wilcock, a prolific editor and publisher of 1960’s underground newspapers. Visit John’s website for a very entertaining weekly column of news and commentary.

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