EFD Rights Watch: Hate Speech in Turkey’s Media… Missing Shepherds Case…Conscientious Objector Jailed…

Report Reveals Hate Speech in Turkey’s Media

from Bianet :: English
A recent report released by Hrant Dink Foundation revealed hate speech practises in Turkey’s media which mostly targeted Jewish and Armenian communities

Turkey Found Guilty on Missing Shepherds Case

from Bianet :: English
The European Court of Human Rights found Turkey guilty on the 1996 disappearance of 5 shepherds in Hakkari province, ordering the Turkish state to pay a total of 100,000 euros to applicants.

Journalist Özlem Ağuş Freed Pending Trial

from Bianet :: English
An Adana court freed Dicle News Agency journalist Özlem Ağuş pending a trial in the KCK case yesterday.

Turkey Convicted of Violating Torture Ban

from Bianet :: English
ECHR found Turkey guilty for violating the torture ban on Mehmet Hida Gülaydın during an electoral campaign in 2004, ordering the Turkish state to pay 15,500 euros for non- pecuniary damages and court expenses.

Conscientious Objector Jailed

from Bianet :: English
A military court ordered the imprisonment of contributing writer Ali Fikri Işık (56), who declared his conscientious objection decades ago.

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