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Even In Social The US Election Is A Close Call

from Sysomos Blog by Sheldon Levine
Today is a very important day to the people of the United States of America. It?s election day. A day that has been four years in the making. As I sat down to collect some social data around the two candidates last night I saw many a pundit on television talk about how the race was looking a little too close to call. Well, social data seems to be telling that same story.

Google Election Day Doodle Guides You to Local Polling Places

from Mashable! by Todd Wasserman

How to Watch Election Results Online

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick


MAIN FOCUS: Neck and neck race in the US | 06/11/2012

from euro|topics
The people of the United States will choose their president today. According to the latest opinion polls Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are still in a dead heat. This is also because voters are hesitant to choose either candidate, commentators write, criticising both Obama and Romney for failing to provide convincing solutions for the pressing problems they face.


Elections Horror 2012 ? A 2000 Reprise?

from WhirledView by Patricia H. Kushlis
By Patricia H. Kushlis
The final question at a talk on civil discourse by James A. Baker at the Wilson Center on Monday, October 23, 2012 raised the specter of another razor-thin election reminiscent of 2000.  A subsequent headline in theWashington Post suggested that the 2012 presidential election is so close that the Electoral College could split evenly between Obama and Romney.  Later, the revised headline which more accurately describes the story was that the popular vote and the Electoral College vote could be at odds but this time with Obama winning the Electoral College and Romney the popular vote.


5 Election-Day Decisions That Will Impact Startups and the Web

from Wired Top Stories by Sarah Mitroff
There is more than the race for president that will impact business. We’ve identified three city and state measures, as well as two races for elected office whose outcomes are likely to affect startups, some very large tech companies and the future of free speech on the internet.

It?s the 21st century! Why aren?t we voting online yet?

Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/its-the-21st-century-why-arent-we-voting-online/#ixzz2BQWlyuLg

Shaking the ‘foreign hand’: a view from India

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Antara Dev Sen

India has had a complicated relationship with the United States for most of its independent history. Things are better now – but Indians still do watch the election closely, fearing a return to old tensions.

After Sandy: Presidential rhetoric and visions of solidarity

from The Immanent Frame by The Editors

Osocio?s top 5 American election posts

from Osocio Weblog by Tom Megginson

The American election: a view from Down Under

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Liam O’Brien

Predicting the next President of the United States using Twitter analysis

from social media vb by Luca Massaro
Is it possible to predict the next US President using Twitter analysis?

7 Technologies That Will Make It Easier for the Next President to Hunt and Kill You

from Wired Top Stories by Noah Shachtman
The White House already has an incredible amount of power to monitor and take out individuals around the globe. But a new wave of technologies, just coming online, could give those powers a substantial upgrade. No matter who wins the election on Tuesday, the next president could have an unprecedented ability to monitor and end lives from the Oval Office.

Electoral weather report

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Jim Gabour

Our New Orleans columnist, queuing at the voting booth, opens himself up to taking the full measure of the moral and political bluster around him

The weather has turned in America.  And the situation has nothing to do with global warming. Or icebergs melting.  Or seas rising.

World watches as US elects new president

from Hurriyet Daily News
After a busy marathon campaign, the American electorate will now have a say as to who becomes their next president with the entire world watching

2012 Election Day Live-Stream on Social Media + Politics

from MediaShift
Election Day is here, and it’s time for our live-chat to discuss how this cycle’s campaigns have changed, with the advent of social media, memes, online organizing and fundraising, instant fact-checking, targeted ads and so much more.

Infographic: How Social Media Predicts Winners in Battleground States

from MediaShift
Below is an interesting infographic put together by AddThis, a social measurement firm that used data insights to predict the election based on social sharing data. The infographic shows how AddThis predicts battleground states will vote as well as detailing the most shared topics and a confidence level.

5 Apps for Election Day

from Wired Top Stories by Wired Product Reviews
How is Ohio breaking? What’s the current Electoral College math? Stay on top of all the election-day craziness with these apps for on-the-go political news.

8 Highly Unscientific Ways of Predicting the Next President

from Wired Top Stories by Angela Watercutter
Polls have been downright maddening this election season. Here are a few less scientific, but more entertaining, ways to predict the outcome on Election Day.

American Presidential Election Day: The Winner 2012 Will Be? Do the Odds Tell Us?

from EU Pundit by Andis Kaulins

On this Election Day, U.S. Presidential Election betting odds at OddsChecker make the incumbent President Barack Obama the prohibitive favorite to win the election, as President Obama goes off at ca. 1/6 odds to win, while challenger Mitt Romney goes off at ca. 4 to 1 odds to win.

If You Live In These States, It?s Illegal to Instagram Your Ballot

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

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