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The 6 Sets of Numbers That Will Decide Election 2012

from Mashable! by Quartz

Ustream and Video the Vote Encourage Voters to Film Election Day Injustice

from Mashable! by Fran Berkman

Share the Vote: Show Friends You Participated in Election 2012

from Mashable! by Meghan Peters

The 10 Most Memorable Moments of the 2012 Election Season

from Mashable! by Stephanie Haberman

Facebook Buzz Greater For Obama Than Romney Ahead Of Election Day

from All Facebook by Jennifer Moire

?New York Times,? ?Wall Street Journal? Drop Paywalls for Election

from Mashable! by Seth Fiegerman

How Helpful Is All This Election Data?

from MediaShift
As the 2012 presidential campaigns intensify in the days leading up to the election, pollsters and pundits will be making frenzied attempts to grapple with the flood of information readily available on the Internet. What’s unclear is how effectively we’re using — and whether we’re being used by — that information.

Anthropology Guidebook U.S. Elections 2012 ? Obama-Romney

from Anthropology Report by Jason Antrosio
Yikes! Ever since surveying the Best Introduction to Anthropology Syllabus, I?ve been teaching anthropology and unable to update. The U.S. elections are upon us?here?s an anthropology blog guidebook to the 2012 elections. Please let me know what I?m missing. Unfortunately, like Ryan Anderson atSavage Minds has been saying, it seemed all too easy to catch up.

Our favorite election articles of 2012

from FP Passport by Joshua Keating

Twitter Photo Counter Shows Popularity of Obama vs. Romney

from Mashable! by Charlie White

Twitter Voting Predictors Give Mixed Signals

from Mashable! by Fran Berkman

New Jersey Allows Voting by Email (and Fax) for Residents Displaced by Sandy

from Mashable! by The Atlantic

Poland and the US elections: respect for an ally

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Adam J Chmielewski
Poland is less engaged with this American election than on previous occasions. But its people and elites are still viewing the contest and its candidates with a wary eye that reflects their domestic political concerns, says Adam J Chmielewski.

How Political Magazines Use Twitter to Drive 2012 Election Chatter

from MediaShift
Political magazines have found a new way to be opinion leaders during this election — in just 140 characters. Twitter is helping them publicize their print and online content and offer real-time interpretation and analysis. Reaching audiences well beyond their print readership, these magazines’ tweets may be affecting conversations about the election in intriguing ways.

8 Big Social Media Takeaways from the 2012 Election Campaign

from MediaShift
A few years ago, I sat down for breakfast with a New York State Assembly candidate at a busy Long Island diner. I was just out of college, and he was looking for a campaign manager, so we picked up menus and started talking.

The Election and Mobile: Dialing For Democratic Dollars [INFOGRAPHIC]

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin
“If group prayer can heal people, it can change an election,” reads this website urging you to join a mass prayer that will elect Mitt Romney to office. Oh, fine; it’s a parody site. (via @joeljohnson)

Germany, Europe and the presidential election

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Brigitte Weiffen
The majority of Germans view the United States, the ?land of unlimited opportunities?, with a lot of sympathy. But their perception of American politics is more problematic.

The US elections: a view from Latin America

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Jorge Heine
It has been this year’s most notable absentee: whatever happened to Latin America as a theme in the presidential campaign?

US choice – a gamble or the devil we know

I suspect Mitt Romney would be far more pragmatic in reality than the persona he adopted. But that is a hunch, writes Edward Luce

Could poll maths leave Romney-Biden White House?

Possibility President Obama and Romney could end up tied with 269 electoral college votes each, one short of the majority required for victory

Obama versus Turkish politicians: Who fares better on social media?

from Hurriyet Daily News
Thanks to effective usage of social media, 2008 elections wrote Obama?s name into history. Coming from one of the top countries in terms of social media, are politicians in Turkey able to use it to full effect?

Obama pushes middle class, Romney focuses on economy

from Hurriyet Daily News
US presidential rivals pull out all the stops in their last rallies at the swing states, a day before elections. The latests polls give both Obama and Romney equal chance to become next president

President Barack Obama will win the Election, Here?s why:

from social media vb by Chris Dessi
In this instance – by sending social media followers a direct message about supporting the democratic process his digital team serves up another victory. It?s not pushy, or invasive, and it costs nothing. He?s hitting the voters where we live ? online and in social networks

Facebook Is ?800-Pound Gorilla? In 2012 Elections, Cites ?CQ Researcher? Report

from All Facebook by Jennifer Moire

U.S. Commandos Were Too Late to Stop Libya Attack (But Might Avenge It)

from Wired Top Stories by Spencer Ackerman
Two elite commando units arrived too late to an airbase in Italy to stop September’s assault on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, the Pentagon said on Friday. But they might play a role in avenging the four Americans killed in Libya.

In Defense of Nate Silver, Election Pollsters, and Statistical Predictions

from Wired Top Stories by Wired Opinion
David Brooks is mistaken and Joe Scarborough is wrong about Nate Silver. Because while pollsters can?t project, statistical models can, and do, and they do some predictions very well. We rely on statistical models for many decisions every single day; in fact, these are the same methods by which scientists could tell Hurricane Sandy was about to hit the United States many days in advance.

United colours of the American elections – in three continents

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Rajeev Bhargava and Tani Bhargava
“Many temples in South India held prayers for Obama?s victory in the 2008 elections. Haven?t heard of any this time round. Here is one from me, after four encounters on three continents.”

Hurricane Sandy: Romney’s missed opportunity

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Leonard Benardo and Jennifer Weiss

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