EFF: 4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking….

4 Simple Changes to Stop Online Tracking

from EFF.org Updates by Dan Auerbach
Whoa, you aren’t browsing with Javascript, congratulations! You probably don’t need this tutorial, which will look broken for you. Just install an adblocker with a privacy/tracking protection list, block third-party cookies, block referers, and install HTTPS Everywhere.


The Pirate Bay ditches servers and moves to the cloud to make it almost untouchable

from The Next Web by Matt Brian

In a move that will almost certainly infuriate copyright authorities and the governments that support them, the world?s most popular Bittorrent sharing website The Pirate Bay has ditched its servers and moved to the cloud, ensuring that it can remain operational at all times.


Google’s Top Five Data Center Secrets (That Are Still Secret)

from Wired Top Stories by Cade Metz
Steven Levy is the first reporter to ever set foot in a Google data center. And in telling the tale, he has a wonderful way of making you feel like you were there too. But as Levy points out at the end of his piece, Google still views its data center empire as one of its most important advantages over the online competition, and it’s still determined to keep its latest technology hidden from rivals.

Google Under Pressure from EU Regulators on Privacy Policy

from EFF.org Updates by Rainey Reitman and Rebecca Bowe
On Oct. 16, European Union data protection authorities issued a letter to Google CEO Larry Page calling upon the search engine giant to revisit its privacy policy. Earlier this year, the policy was unified into one policy covering a wide range of different Google services and integrating data from Google search history and YouTube accounts. When Google first unveiled its new privacy policy, European regulators greeted it with skepticism andrequested Google to delay instituting the revised policy. Google refused. The letter followed a months-long exchange between Google and EU privacy regulators, stemming from a formal investigation as to whether Google?s new privacy policy adheres to EU privacy regulations.

Turkey’s hackers – Robin Hoods or Internet thugs?
Deutsche Welle
Local hacking groups have popped up all over the world in the wake of the rise of WikiLeaksand Anonymous. Turkey’s hacker scene has caught the government’s attention. A narrow stairway leads to a small room, crowded with dozens of wooden cubicles,

Despite murmurs of hope, cybersecurity legislation remains utterly dead in the U.S. Congress

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm


How Anonymous broke its own rules to break free

from Boing Boing by Cole Stryker
Your feelings mean nothing to us. ? We have no culture, we have no laws, written or otherwise. ? We do not sleep, we do not eat and we do not feel remorse. We will tear you apart from outside and in, we have all the time in the world.?Anonymous
Before the summer of 2011, Anonymous was an amorphous collective of hackers and pranksters born in a meme pool. Its operations were still largely unexpected and isolated; it was difficult for the media to wrap a narrative around them. There was no hero, not even an antihero.

Google Throws Open Doors to Its Top-Secret Data Center

from Wired Top Stories by Steven Levy

If you’re looking for the beating heart of the digital age–a physical location where the scope, grandeur, and geekiness of the kingdom of bits become manifest–you could do a lot worse than Lenoir, North Carolina. This rural city of 18,000 was once rife with furniture factories. Now it’s the home of a Google data center.

Twitter says blocks German neo-Nazi account in world first

from Hurriyet Daily News
Twitter said today that it had blocked an account in a country for the first time, after German police asked the micro-blogging site to restrict access by a neo-Nazi group.


The Best Feedburner Alternatives

from social media vb by gsosk
Tomorrow, one of the top choices for email and RSS subscription might not be here. According to Google, Feedburner?s API is going to be shut down on October 20?this doesn?t mean that your Feedburner subscription tools will be definitely discontinued, but it?s possible that their days are numbered. Here are your best alternatives for RSS and email subscription.

How Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are Blasting Social Media Monitoring tools

from social media vb by LaurentFrancois
Visual networks are now changing the rules of engagement, and the Conversations Analysis methodology. Agencies and brands need to find best ways to measure and understand their customers cultures.

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