In the mean time, Turkey?s economy seems to run out of steam.. A FP roundup…

Turkey?s economy runs out of steam

from – World, Europe
Growth of just 2.9% in the second quarter is a marked contrast with rates of more than 8% in both 2010 and 2011, and its effects are being felt by Turks

Paradoxes of Turkish Pride
Foreign Policy Journal
Such a law has been used in a manner that encroaches upon freedom of expression, targeting even such cultural icons as Orhan Pamuk and Elif Shafik, and undoubtedly intimidating thousands of others who hesitate to make any assertion that might be


Majority of Turks against country?s intervention into Syria

from Hurriyet Daily News
A clear majority of Turks are against a military intervention to put a halt to the violence in Syria, according to a recent poll by the German Marshall Fund.


Turkey a top destination to escape the eurozone

from Hurriyet Daily News
As the holiday season comes to an end, some holiday-goers are hitting the road for one last vacation.


Why is the US so passive?

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Turkish Pre by SAMİ KOHEN MİLLİYET
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a recent interview complained about the US?s lack of initiative in regard to the Syrian issue, suggesting the upcoming election in the US might be the reason for this.


Turkey between the two fires of ?Iranian operations? and ?Kurdish ambitions?

by Turkish Digest
Turkey between the two fires of ?Iranian operations? and ?Kurdish ambitions?

By Hoda Al-Husseini

Thursday, 06 September 2012
Hoda Al-Husseini

Not so long ago, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan proudly stated that Turkish people could travel to Iran, Syria and Lebanon without a visa. It is weird how conditions change ? now, Turkish people are subjected to kidnapping in Lebanon and are not welcome in Iran because the Iranian Chief of Staff has identified Turkey as ?a targeted country.? As for Syria, war has closed the border between the two countries.


The PKK benefited from our mistakes and regional wars

from Hurriyet Daily News
We have arrived at these days by underestimating the outlawed Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) and the Kurdish issue.


Had Turkey supported the Baathists

from Hurriyet Daily News
Had Turkey not gotten involved in the Syrian crisis and had it followed a different foreign policy…

Does Ankara have a plan B for Syria?

from Hurriyet Daily News
The disappointment Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu feels following his failure last week

Sharp Rise in Syrian Refugees to Jordan and Turkey

from NYT > Turkey by By KAREEM FAHIM; Hwaida Saad contributed reporting from Beirut, Melissa Eddy from Berlin, and Sebnem Arsu from Istanbul

The United Nations refugee agency said that 10,200 Syrians had crossed into Jordan last week, and Syrian activists reported deadly government airstrikes in Idlib, near Turkey.


La Turquie, tigre occidental ou oriental?

by Acturca
Le Temps (Suisse) lundi 10 septembre 2012 Agnès Arlandis * A bien des égards, le succès économique et financier du pays rappelle la performance des «tigres asiatiques» tels que l?Indonésie ou la Malaisie. En février 2001, les faiblesses avérées de son système bancaire entraînent la Turquie dans la crise: les capitaux étrangers fuient le pays


Letters: No euphemism can hide the facts in Cyprus

from World news: Turkey |
The Turkish ambassador’s letter (The Cyprus problem is not one of ‘invasion’, 5 September) by which he protests over the terminology used by your paper adds insult to injury. It is not the Guardian’s style guide that needs amendment, as Ambassador Çeviköz claims, but rather the unacceptable status quo in Cyprus that needs to be rectified by Ankara. No euphemism can change historical facts, nor the reality on the ground. Since its invasion in 1974, Turkey has been stationing more than 40,000 troops in Cyprus, occupying a third of its territory, in blatant disregard of repeated calls by the UN security council.


En Turquie, le spectre du coup d?Etat de septembre 1980

by Acturca
Le Monde Diplomatique (France) mercredi 12 septembre 2012 Carnets par Lucie Drechselová et Joseph Richard * Le 12 septembre 1980 a marqué une rupture dans l?histoire contemporaine de la Turquie. Ce jour-là, l?armée s?empare du pouvoir et instaure un nouveau régime qui ne deviendra civil qu?en 1983. Trois décennies plus tard, cet événement continue de


Is the EU Still Relevant for Turkey?

by Acturca
Evaluation Note (TEPAV) N201253, 13 September 2012, 3 p. Neva Sadıkoğlu * ?Turks increasingly do not believe that their country will ever be admitted to the European Union. A new study by the German Turkish Foundation for Education and Scientific Research shows that only 17% of Turks believe that Turkey will become an EU member

Does the EU Still Have Leverage on Questions of Freedom of Expression in Turkey?

by Acturca
GTE Commentary (Istituto Affari Internazionali) No. 4, 12 September 2012, 2 p by Michael Leigh * Does the EU still have leverage on questions of freedom of expression in Turkey? The problem of freedom of expression is real enough. The European Commission?s annual reports, the US State Department?s Human Rights Reports on Turkey as wel

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