looks like Romney cheats at Twitter, US Government?s list of digitally monitored words and an Americana roundup

Mitt Romney gains 120.000 new Twitter followers in 2 days. All robots?

from social media vb by Lien Brusselmans
Mitt Romney gains 120.000 new Twitter followers in 2 days time, while normally he has about 3.000 new followers per day. Here’s some statistical, as well as visual evidence these new followers are very likely to be robots.

Twitter launches Political Index to track sentiment around the US presidential election

from The Next Web by Jamillah Knowles


Vote against CISPA, SOPA and PIPA in 2012

from Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow
A reader writes, “The Bill of Rights Defense Committee has a list of candidates who are running for Congress who strongly oppose indefinite detention of American citizens and SOPA/CISPA. The link also mentions current incumbents who are working to defend the Internet.”


Obama leads over Romney in key states

from Hurriyet Daily News
U.S. President Barack Obama has opened clear leads over Republican Mitt Romney in three vital states


America?s Digital Activism Gap: Who?s Really Winning?

from The Meta-Activism Project by Mary C Joyce

Conservatives are losing online but winning everywhere else.
In the United States, conservatives and progressives are not only divided ideologically,  they?re also divided in the way they conduct digital campaigns.  What?s odd is not that their tactics are different, but that the tactics of conservative online organizations apear  less effective than those of their progressive peers.

Here?s Why Twitter is Tracking Your Election Tweets

by Alex Fitzpatrick

Twitter is getting in on the social analysis game. The micro-blog will publish a daily measurement of Twitter sentiment surrounding the 2012 presidential election called the Twitter Political Index, the company announced Wednesday.

The rise and fall of the American childhood

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Colin Greer
In thirty years, Americans have undone many of the most important social achievements put in place to protect and support children.


CNN, Facebook Announce Several Initiatives For 2012 Presidential Election

by David Cohen


Here?s the US Government?s list of digitally monitored words, and what they mean for your privacy

from The Next Web by Alex Wilhelm

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