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Keith Hart and Online Anthropology

from Anthropology Report by Jason Antrosio
Back in anthropology graduate school, I read (but did not fully understand) Keith Hart?s Heads or Tails? Two Sides of the Coin. Now, over 20 years after that publication?and over 40 years after his first publications?Keith Hart is a force in online anthropology and entrepreneurial innovation to make anthropology relevant. Below is a very small sample of some recent and classic work. For ongoing commentary, I definitely recommend checking out Keith Hart?s Twitter feed and Facebook profile.


Pinterest Anthropology

from Anthropology Report by Jason Antrosio
Inspired by Angela K VandenBroek recent post, Identity Making with Pinterest, I signed up for a Pinterest account. Honestly, I don?t understand the interest in Pinterest, but rumor is that Pinterest is very helpful for getting noticed, especially by search engines?that is, even if you are not actively using Pinterest, having a board there can help people find your traditional website material.


Open Access, Scholarship, and Digital Anthropology: a Discussion

from Material World by Haidy Geismar
Danny Miller, UCL Although this site was started as a collaboration between Haidy in New York and Danny in London, from the beginning we were hoping to attract postings from a global interest in this genre of academic work.

Ethnocentrism, Virginia Style
Huffington Post (blog)
Professor of Anthropology, West Chester University; Author, ‘The Power of the … I tell myanthropology students that there are two kinds of ethnocentrism

Special Issue: Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, ?Ethnographies of Suicide? by Aaron Seaman

from Somatosphere by Aaron Seaman

Educational Video Database on Genetic/Reproductive Technologies & Social Issues by Daniel Sharp

from Somatosphere by Daniel Sharp
While a wealth of literature exists on emerging reproductive and genetic technologies, usable educational resources in other mediums are few and far between.  A new series of videos helps to fill this lacuna, providing engaging, accessible and thought-provoking commentary on the human aspects of biotechnology, science, and medical practice.


Journal of Business Anthropology: Open Access and “Without Jargon”

from – anthropology in the news blog by Lorenz

?Please write for us, but write in plain English!? The new Journal of Business Anthropology (JBA) does not only provide open access to all articles. It demonstrates that open access should mean more: What?s the point with free access to scholarship when jargon is excluding most people from profiting from its contents?

New Anthropology and Archaeology Resources Published at …
Houston Chronicle
While the Anthropology category covers the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind,

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