Cyberculture roundup: Interpol crackdown on Anonymous; Google’s new privacy policy starts; Facebook Timeline… and more…

Record Labels Threaten the Open Internet, isoHunt Tells Court

from TorrentFreak by Ernesto

In 2010 a conglomerate of record labels ? including the ?Big Four? of Sony, EMI, Warner and Universal ? went after BitTorrent site isoHunt.


25 Alleged Anons Arrested in International Crackdown

from Wired Top Stories by Quinn Norton
Police in four nations arrested 25 alleged participants in the Anonymous collective Tuesday for attacks against web sites in Columbia and Chile dating from the middle of 2011.


Interpol says suspected Anonymous hackers arrested

Interpol said that 25 suspected members of the loose-knit Anonymous hacker movement have been arrested in a sweep across Europe and South America.

Spain, South America arrest 25 in Anonymous crackdown, with Interpol assist

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin
With help from the international police organization Interpol, Spain and three South American countries today arrested 25 people who are suspected of being Anonymous activist/hacktivist/hackers. They are accused of defacing government and corporate websites. Reuters:

Police Arrest 25 Anonymous Hackers In Four Countries

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick


Anonymous hackers claim they were infiltrated

from Hurriyet Daily News
Anonymous hacker movement said yesterday it wasn’t technical prowess but police infiltration that yielded 25 arrests

Reddit reveals first draft of crowdsourced Free Internet Act

from Social Network Unionism by OrsanSenalp


Twitter opens user archives to companies

Firms that pay a certain fee will be able to sift through tweets dating back to January 2010

What Is ‘Anonymous’ And How Does It Operate?
Those attacks were retaliation against those companies for freezing the accounts of the antisecrecy website WikiLeaks. A separate series of raids in Turkeyresulted in the arrests of some 30 people suspected of involvement in cyberattacks against


Microsoft and others reportedly complain to EU regulators over Google+

from The Next Web by Paul Sawers

Microsoft and ?several other firms? have reportedly lodged a formal complaint to EU antitrust regulators about Google+, the Internet giant?s social networking tool.

According to comScore, users are spending just 3 minutes per month on Google+

from The Next Web by Nancy Messieh

New ‘HTTPS Everywhere’ Version Warns Users About Web Security Holes

from Updates by rebecca
Firefox Browser Extension Detects and Notifies Users of Encryption Weaknesses
San Francisco – The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) launched the 2.0 version of HTTPS Everywhere for the Firefox browser today, including an important new update that warns users about web security holes.


Study Finds Women Unfriendliest On Facebook

from All Facebook by Jennifer Moire

Sorry, We?re Closed: The Rise of Digital Darwinism

from social media vb by BrianSolis
Everything starts with articulating a vision for how your business will invest in customer relationships and experiences. From there, technology, processes, and systems will serve as enablers for that vision. In the end however, it is leadership and an empowered culture that will bring about transformation.


Track Who?s Tracking You With Mozilla Collusion

from Mashable! by Adam Ostrow

WikiLeaks Release Shows U.S. May Charge Julian Assange [REPORT]

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

Measuring Influence on Pinterest

from social media vb by laurahelen
With Pinterest’s growth continuing at break neck speed new measurement tools are being released to help brands better understand the results of their usage. Two tools worth noting are PinPuff and PinClout that give Klout like figures on how ‘pinfluential’ you are.

The Pirate Bay, Now Without Torrents

from TorrentFreak by Ernesto

As announced a few weeks ago, The Pirate Bay has now largely stopped serving torrents.

Facebook Gets Pluses From Google?s Mounting Minuses

from All Facebook by Jackie Cohen

As promised, The Pirate Bay officially drops torrent files for Magnet links

from The Next Web by Drew Olanoff

Homeland Security memo warned of violent threat posed by Occupy Wall Street

from Boing Boing by Xeni Jardin

Mobile World Congress: A View From Inside [PICS]

from Mashable! by Stan Schroeder

Interview with Richard M. Stallman, founder of the GNU project | P2P Foundation

from Social Network Unionism by OrsanSenalp
RICHARD M. STALLMAN has been an indefatigable campaigner for the cause of free software for nearly 29 years now. Stallman founded the GNU project in 1983 and established the Free Software Foundation (FSF) in 1985, and was the brain behind the GNU General Public Licence ? one of the first instances of a ?copyleft? licence ? which has revolutionised the perception of ?ownership? and ?intellectual property rights?(a term Stallman despises).

5 Social Media Marketing Trends: New Research

from Social Media Examiner by Phil Mershon

HTTPS Everywhere & the Decentralized SSL Observatory

from Updates by pde
Earlier this week we released version 2.0.1 of HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox, and also, a new beta version for Chrome! You can install HTTPS Everywhere here:

Europe Targets Google in Fresh Privacy Investigation

from Mashable! by Alex Fitzpatrick

Two Simple Steps to Take Control Over Google?s New Privacy Policy

from Mashable! by Sam Laird

Introducing Mashable?s Facebook Timeline

from Mashable! by Meghan Peters

Google?s new Privacy Policy

from The Official Google Blog by A Googler
Our updated Privacy Policy takes effect today, March 1. As you use our products one thing will be clear: it?s the same Google experience that you?re used to, with the same controls.

And because we?re making these changes, over time we?ll be able to improve our products in ways that help our users get the most from the web.

Google?s New Privacy Policy Goes Into Effect Today

from Mashable! by Stan Schroeder

An information paradox: How Google?s new privacy policy may harm our discovery process

from The Next Web by Maximillian Selim


Google launches Hangout series ?Versus?, featuring Richard Branson and Julian Assange in its first debate

from The Next Web by Nancy Messieh

Interest in Pinterest Keeps Rising

from Sysomos Blog by Sheldon Levine
If you don?t know all about Pinterest by now, you probably haven?t been on the internet in the past two months. The visual based content curation platform has been the social media darling that people love to use and talk about so far in 2012. During Social Media Week I couldn?t go a day without hearing it brought up at least three times. We?ve even talked about it several times on this blog.

The future of online banking

from The Next Web by Paul Sawers

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