Speaking of movie, book, music recommendations… Erkan’s major sources…

I am working on a new edition of Online Tools for my Students. It is time for the 3rd version of the Part I. Check out that. It will appear soon. However, here is a brief section on online recommendation services I rely on…


14. Speaking of recommendations, LastFm is a great music place to find new good musical stuff. Not for downloading but exploration…for music recommendations then comes amazon.comgetglue

15. Speaking of recommendations, in book recommendations Amazon, my beloved, provides a great service. However, my number one is goodreads. In the third place, I check out getglue.

16. Speaking of recommendations, in movie recommendations, can there be a rival to IMDB, as the best film database? No rivals. But Criticker has become my main site for movie recommendations. Then comes and getglue. I realize that IMDB offers more friendly recommendations recently. I might look into it…

17. In finding new TV shows to watch, of course the best is to ask your peers but still and getglue are good sources.


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