?Will Turkey lose altitude if Paul Auster does not come?? In fact, yes…

PM Erdoğan yesterday publicly declared that they are a conservative democratic party and they would like to breed new religious generations. I am not sure about the democratic part, but AKP leadership has definitely turned into a third worldist conservative lot. But of course even this would be an insult to great Third Worldist thinkers. This lot in Turkey relies on a lumpen populism and quite anti-intellectual embodied in the person of their leader. He is so ignorant that he can mock a great novelist…. Paul Auster will always live through his writings whereas he will only in the narrow minds of his constituencies…

PM Erdoğan mocks Paul Auster, calls him ?ignorant?

from Hurriyet Daily News
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan derided American writer Paul Auster as ?ignorant?.


Turkish PM criticises US writer Paul Auster over human rights comments

Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacks Auster, who said he would not visit Turkey in protest at its jailing of journalists

Turkey’s prime minister has hit back at American writer Paul Auster, who was quoted as saying that he would not visit the country in protest at its jailing of journalists and writers.


Turkish PM responds to US novelist Auster

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey?s prime minister responded today to criticism from American.

‘Who cares?’ Turkey’s Erdoğan tells Paul Auster

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey?s prime minister responded today to criticism from American..

At least free speech exists in Israel, Auster tells Turkish PM

from Hurriyet Daily News
U.S. novelist Paul Auster released a statement today following Turkish .


Turkey’s PM takes aim at writer Paul Auster over Israel

from Yahoo news
ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan branded acclaimed novelist Paul Auster as ignorant on Tuesday for refusing to visit Turkey in protest at the jailing of journalists, accusing the Jewish American writer of double-standards for visiting Israel. Though a foreign novelist made an easy target, there is rising unease over press freedom under Erdogan among Turkish liberals, many of


Paul Auster refuses Turkey visit over jailed scribes

from Hurriyet Daily News
Renowned U.S. author Paul Auster said he refused to visit Turkey because of the number of journalists and writers that have been jailed in the country.

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