Megan Fox in Istanbul, thinking Istanbul was just a town..Istanbul news roundup…

Megan Fox arrives in city for commercial

from Hurriyet Daily News
Hollywood actress Megan Fox arrived at Istanbul?s Atatürk International Airport yesterday at 5 p.m. Fox is visiting Istanbul to partake in the shooting of a TV commercial for Doritos chips. Fox is scheduled to stay in town for two days.

Megan Fox arrives in İstanbul

Tourism Travel Vacation News

Megan Fox will arrive wednesday afternoon in Istanbul, where she plans to play in an ad for Turkish Patato Chips company. Megan Fox will munch on chips with Turkish Drag Quenn ‘Huysuz Virgin’ in the ad. The Hollywood sex idol will then appear in a Talk

Megan Fox : I thought Istanbul was a town

National Turk English

Megan Fox revealed in an interview at a Tv show in Turkey, she believed Istanbul was a town. Istanbul / NationalTurk ? Megan Fox arrived in Istanbul for a commercial for Doritos chips and gave her first interview at a Turkish morning show to Saba Tüme

Government to pay for bridge over Bosphorus

from Hurriyet Daily News
Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım clarifies the Plan B after a failed tender…


Istanbul blackout leaves millions in dark

CNN International

By Ivan Watson and Yesim Comert, CNN Istanbul (CNN) — A major power blackout hit Turkey’s largest city Saturday afternoon, leaving millions of residents without electricity while shutting downIstanbul’s subway and tram systems.

Istanbul, the exuberant

Pakistan Observer

Istanbul has a unique air about it. Probably the sight of ancient buildings adds up to its grandeur and reminds one of the fact that it has been the seat to several historical empires from Byzantine to Ottoman or probably that the city is stretched

İstanbullites upset over growth of shopping malls

Today’s Zaman

(PHOTO SUNDAY’S ZAMAN, İsa Şimşek) As many new shopping malls open acrossİstanbul, particularly along the E-5 highway in the west of the city, public optimism regarding these new developments is disappearing. Speaking to Sunday’s Zaman, residents of



Discovering Istanbul from A to Z


Istanbul Bilgi University’s Graduate Program in Visual Communication Design (VCDMFA), in collaboration with the Institute for Information Design Japan (IIDj), is organizing a two-phase workshop – Discovering Istanbul from A to Z. The workshop will

Crossing the Bosphorus: a bridge too far

from Tarlabaşı Istanbul by Constanze

When on January 10 the tender for the Northern Marmara Highway Project that includes the construction of a third bridge over the Bosporus had to be cancelled for a lack of bidders, many an activist probably sighed in relief. Construction companies interested in taking on the task had been reluctant for a while: the first tender had been planned for August 23, 2011, but this had been postponed to January 10, 2012 at the construction companies? request.

New plans to correct Istanbul silhouette

from Hurriyet Daily News
Turkey?s Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay said he already gave a brief…

Esbjerg Ensemble shines at İstanbul performance
Today’s Zaman
Five of the regular 11 members, representing Colombia, Australia, England, Finland and Austria, came to İstanbul to perform at Borusan Music House on Jan. 12. This concert was the third installment of the Borusan New Series, curated by Marcus Hagemann.

Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts Celebrates 40 years
Focus on Travel News
The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) has been taking an important part in the cultural and artistic life of Istanbul with its festivals and events for 40 years. IKSV, celebrating its 40th Year Anniversary in 2012, has announced this

İstanbul’s ‘lost’ gateways
Sunday’s Zaman
İstanbul was surrounded by high walls during the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, with some 60 gateways. (PHOTO AA, TOLGA ADANALI) Of the approximately 60 gates that used to be used as entrances and exits through the walls that surrounded the city of

Doha Debates in Istanbul

from Hiçişleri
This is an unused story I wrote on the Doha Debates show filmed in Istanbul. It is a raw text, unedited & not proofread. Please excuse the grammatical mistakes.
Doha audience voted Turkey out as model for Arabs
BBC?s Doha Debates show filmed in Istanbul with the motion: ?This House believes Turkey is a bad model for the new Arab States? resulted with the audience in favor of the house.

Flights To Istanbul: A Brief Look At The City (Tvinx :: News)

from Istanbul-pedia by Ali Akpinar

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