EFD Rights Watch and a social fabric roundup… “259 Women Killed in Turkey in 2011

259 Women Killed in Turkey in 2011

According to data collected by bianet, 14 women in Turkey were killed by men in December 2011. 24 women were injured, 15 women raped and 16 harassed. In total, 259 women were killed by male culprits in Turkey in 2011.

Police detain 30 students

from Hurriyet Daily News
Police detained 30 leftist students in Istanbul University yesterday when a group of extreme nationalists raided the Beyazıt campus.


Istanbul University Students Released


The students that were taken into police custody after a conflict at the Istanbul University were released on 3 January. Students from various organizations protested the incident and claimed, “This was not a conflict between left and right but a

Fight fire with fire, NGO tells women

from Hurriyet Daily News
A Turkish non-governmental organization (NGO) is set to give free shooting courses at a gun range for women who were subjected to domestic violence.


Police raid throws Turkish TV ratings into chaos | News | Research


21 December 2011 | By James Verrinder

TURKEY? The Turkish TV ratings industry is in a state of confusion after police raided the offices of ratings provider AGB Nielsen and two TV production companies amid claims that panel members? details were leaked to third parties who sought to bribe them.


Occupational accidents kill 10,000 in ten years

from Hurriyet Daily News
The number of occupational deaths rose from 877 in 2002 to 1,444 in 2010. The reasons behind the steep…


Turkey gets F grade in English

from Hurriyet Daily News
A study by the research foundation TEPAV, which warns about poor foreign language skills in Turkish society, claims a better English education would support economic growth


Troublesome Life of Co-Wives in South-Eastern Turkey

from Bianet :: English
According to a research by the Silopi Viyan Women Solidarity Centre, “co-wives” as the second or third wife of one man at a time are usually being married when they are under 20 years old. Most of them come from Syria and Irak and stay mainly because of their children.

Turkey: Making Mosques a Place for Women
The “Beautification of Mosques for Women? project in Istanbul discovered sectioned-off areas that were filthy, cold and unsanitary. Istanbul’s mosques are now under strict instructions to clean up and provide equal facilities for both men and women by

Green Blog: Turkey’s Biodiversity Is at Risk, Yet Largely Ignored

from Yahoo news
Turkey’s unusually rich trove of unique wildlife is little studied and seriously imperiled by development, biologists warn in a new paper.

Homosexuals press for rights in Turkey?s new constitution

from Hurriyet Daily News
A civic group advocating homosexual rights has submitted a written presentation to Parliament?s constitution-making commission, calling for explicit provisions to protect homosexuals against violence and discrimination.

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