by the way, Mehmet Ağar gets 5 years…

One of the most arrogant and untouchable members of the old Turkish Deep State gets a short but symbolically important sentence a few days ago… He was a police chief under whose administrations many extrajudicial killings had occured…

Five-Year Sentence for Susurluk Defendant Ağar

Former Chief of Police Ağar was sentenced to imprisonment of five years on charges of “establishing an armed organization to commit crimes”. After the approval of the Court of Appeals and the usual reductions, Ağar will be in jail for three years and nine months.

?Deep state? costs former Turkish minister 5 years in jail

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ISTANBUL ? The former Turkish Minister of Internal Affairs, Mehmet Agar, has been sentenced to five years imprisonment by a Turkish court for involvement in the ?Susurluk scandal?. In this scandal of the mid-nineties, the connections between the government, armed forces and organized crime, also known as the ?deep state?, first became evident. Agar was […]

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