Turkey vs. Israel today. “Turkey assures safety of Israeli club


I guess there will be quite a scene in Beşiktaş vs. Maccabi tel-Aviv game…

Israel’s misinterpretation of changing global economic map


Theoretically speaking, the cold war era ended in the early 1990s when the central planning regimes collapsed as an alternative to the mechanism of market economies.

Turkey-Israel: toward a decoupling of economics from politics

by HDN

The private entrepreneur has emerged as the third actor in addition to the soldier and the diplomat in Turkish-Israeli ties.

Report: Turkey assures safety of Israeli club

Turkey’s sports minister has assured Israeli football club Maccabi Tel Aviv of its safety ahead of next week’s Europa League game against Turkish club Besiktas in Istanbul, according to a report. Hurriyet newspaper quoted Sports Minister Suat Kilic on Thursday as saying the match will be played in the “highest level of (Turkish) hospitality,” next Thursday and Israeli players…

Turkey vs. Israel: An irreparable rift?

After the United Nations deems Israel’s Gaza blockade legal, a diplomatic feud breaks out over Turkey’s demand for an apology

Turkey says Israel not keeping to defense deals

Turkey’s prime minister accused Israel on Wednesday of failing to meet its obligations in defense deals, adding to tensions with Israel which have escalated since an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla killed nine people last year.

Israel will not apologise to Turkey says minister

Israel will not apologise to Turkey for a deadly May 2010 raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla and will not lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip, an Israeli minister insisted on Wednesday, as ties with Ankara sank to new lows.

Official: Turkey to expel 3 Israeli diplomats

In a further escalation of tensions between Israel and Turkey, at least three Israeli diplomats are being expelled from the Israeli Embassy in Ankara, Israeli officials said Wednesday.

Israel needs to apologise to Turkey over attack on ship

Irish Times

No one needs another WikiLeaks leak to discover that every government, including the US, has been telling the same thing to the Israeli government: that the blockade is inhuman and unsustainable. Last week a UN report was leaked to the press by guess

The UN’s Mavi Marmara report and Turkish foreign policy by Cenap Çakmak

by Cenap Çakmak

The long-awaited UN report on the Mavi Marmara incident has been finally published. The report, the release of which was postponed for a while at Israel’s request, was published by The New York Times before an official statement was made by the relevant UN authorities. Israel is allegedly responsible for the leak of the report.

The future of Turkish-Israeli relations

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Columnists by KERİM BALCI

Turkish-Israeli relations cannot be isolated from the general framework of Turkish foreign policy and Turkey?s self-perception (used here as the English translation of Husserl?s concept of ?Selbstverstandnis?) as the mediator par excellence of the Middle East.

Turkey to Install U.S. Radar, in Move Seen Aimed at Iran

from NYT > Turkey by By RICK GLADSTONE

The decision by Turkey, a NATO member and an increasingly influential force in Middle Eastern politics, came against a backdrop of new Turkish frictions with Iran.

Turkey reaffirms strong bonds with NATO


Turkey’s decision to host on its soil the radar component of a US-sponsored missile shield project should be seen as a political decision reaffirming Ankara’s ties with NATO. This decision comes at a time when the alliance has begun to perceive Turkish foreign policy goals as a deviating from those of the Western club. One Western official commented on the Turkish decision to host the missile defense radar saying, ?Turkey is back in the club.?


Turkey solidifies key role in Libya

from Yahoo news
Turkey?s policy in Libya opens questions of how patient it will be with neighbour Syria. In an effort to show Turkey?s leading role in Libya, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutolgu arrived in Benghazi, Tuesday (August 23rd), to meet with the leaders of the National Transitional Council (NTC), becoming the first foreign

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