Europe’s biggest courthouse opened in Istanbul today.

But that does not mean we will become Europe’s most just country:) Our authorities like the scale politics now which does not mostly correspond with respect to justice… Well not only the authorities but let’s see what the justice system, one of the most conservative institutions in Turkey, will make of this 19 floor building…

more photos and news in Turkish here.

Istanbul news roundup:

Turkey: Diverse Istanbul Neighborhood Faces Last Days

from – Turkey


Tarlabasi, Sulukule, Kumkapi, Arnavutköy, Beykoz et l?âme d?Istanbul?.

from YOL (routes de Turquie et d’ailleurs) by anne

Voici un autre  commentaire de Meh, cette fois sur  le billet Tarlabasi un quartier populaire très convoité au c?ur d’Istanbul qui  valait la peine lui aussi d’être publié et que j’ai choisi d’illustrer avec d’autres  vidéos de Fatih Pinar  (et une photo de Beykoz, faute de vidéos…).

Amnesty international vient de publier un rapport sur les expulsions  qui  se poursuivent à Tarlabasi. Et  je renvoie une nouvelle fois au site d’un photographe amoureux du quartier ; Tarlabasi Istanbul.

Eurofile | Istanbul’s Latest Hot Table
New York Times (blog)
Photographs by Orhan Cem CetinThe dining room at chef Didem Senol’s Istanbul restaurant Lokanta Maya. Among the world’s great kitchens, Turkish cooking may be more mauled than even Mexican when cooked off its home turf. Nearly every major city in the

Mixed-Use Zorlu Center Raises Stakes in Istanbul

from NYT > Turkey by By JON GORVETT

Letters: $100 Weekend in Istanbul
New York Times
To the Editor: The spectacular setting of Istanbul and the rich open-air aspect of its culture and cuisine make it a nice fit for a relatively inexpensive weekend. One could be endlessly fascinated by getting on a ferry going between the European and

Western Turkey, Beyond Istanbul
Turkey is changing fast. And it’s modernizing fast. For my vacation this year, I hit the road in Turkey, with romantic memories (a few years old) of horse-drawn carriages and villages with economies powered by hay, dung, and ducks.

İstanbul Municipality introduces new environmentally friendly projects
Sunday’s Zaman
İstanbul will get charging stations for electric powered cars and the use of recycled tar for asphalt in road construction, just two of the many ambitious and environmentally friendly projects the city plans to undertake. The İstanbul Metropolitan

Turkey makes headway in real estate sector as economy surges
Sunday’s Zaman
İstanbul’s office stock, however, is considered relatively small when compared to other cities from emerging economies, with a total office stock of 2.36 million square meters. ?İstanbul is positioned as a major regional center of business, commerce,


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