Google+ roundup. Part III

I eagerly wait for more functionalities and users to join Google+ with full force.. so far i liked it, but still hard to compete with Facebook….


What Do You Think of Google+?

from MediaShift
Every few months, a new social network is born, and the cycle begins again. It starts with the emails: “Joe Blow wants you to join his network!” “Jane Blow wants you to join her network!” Then you check it out. Huh. It looks like all the other social networks, except that no one’s there yet. Then you have to build your profile, all over again. Add friends. Categorize them. Upload pictures. And never return.

9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+ | PCWorld

Experiments on Google+ and Twitter Influencing Search Rankings | SEOmoz

Facebook Video Chat v. Google Hangouts: It?s No Contest

Google+ and the Disappearance of the Wonder Wheel

from social media vb by SocialTurbine

Google+ and 155 years of social network analysis

from Ideas on Europe by Ronny Patz
In 1856, the Norwegian ethnologist Eilert Sundt described the rural social structures of Norwegian peasants (and their farms) called ?bedelags? (Google translates this as ?prayer teams?). These ?bedelags? became visible at certain social events (like funerals) when people from different farms came together.

Google Plus ? Bridging Together Too Irreconcilable Worlds

from social media vb by LuisSuarez
“The overall sentiment is that G+ may not be ready just yet for a full implementation of unified communications and I would probably agree with that statement. But what I think G+ provides us with is a new breaking ground that no other social networking tool, at least, till now, has dared to bridge just yet: combining both online (As in real-time!) and offline interactions.”

This Week in Review: What Google+ could do for news, and Murdoch?s News of the World gets the ax

from Nieman Journalism Lab by Mark Coddington

News organizations on Google+


Why yo momma won?t use Google+ (and why that thrills me to no end)

from Scobleizer by Robert Scoble

G+: Twitter and Tumblr are Biggest Losers

from social media vb by JeffNolan
“Much of the commentary has centered on what a successful Google + means for Facebook but I disagree that this is represents a severe near or medium term threat to Facebook. What it does harken is a form of arms race between the two companies that is ultimately good for users.”

EXCLUSIVE: Google To Retire Blogger & Picasa Brands in Google+ Push

by Ben Parr

Google Plus Tips & Shortcuts

Google?s +1 Button Already More Widespread Than Twitter?s Tweet Button [STATS]

by Todd Wasserman

Google+: First Tips and Tricks

from social media vb by SocialMediaClub

Will Google Delete Ford and Mashable’s Google+ Profiles?

from Bloggers Blog: Blogging the Blogsphere
Google+ Product Manager Christian Oestlien says Google+ is currently being optimized for consumers. They are working on Google+ profiles for businesses. They are asking businesses to hold off on creating Google+ profiles until the business profiles are ready.

Facebook To Google: I’ll See Your Google Plus And Raise You A Skype

from social media vb by steve olenski

What?s In a Name: Google+ Is Your Plus One

by Jennifer Van Grove

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