Fenerbahçe (FB) Aziz Yıldırım arrested. FB fans attack media personnel



This is something I have never imagined: Aziz Yıldırım, all powerful stern president of Fenerbahçe is arrested today due to match fixing.  The trial has just begun, so he might in the end be released but thinking of the Kafkaesque trials in Turkey, he might stay in prison for a long time. This might also mean that Fenerbahçe’s championship title might be withdrawn and the team might be relegated… This is a really grave situation. I have never imagined a league without our archrivals…

In the mean time, Fenerbahçe fans are attacking media crews whenever they find them. Most of the media production immediately labelled Mr. Yıldırım as guilty and thus fell in the same mistake they always fall but yet again from the prime minister to the ordinary fans, media bashing seems to be misplaced reaction but emotionally releasing attitude…

Fenerbahce president charged over match-fixing in Turkey

by Ahmet Turgut

Aziz Yildirim, the president of Turkish league champion Fenerbahce, was charged in court on Sunday over his involvement in an alleged match-fixing scandal that threatens to strip the club of its title.



More photos of fans’ march here.

Turkish court charges 15 more in Fenerbahce match-fixing scandal

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk
? Fenerbahce could be stripped of Turkish league title
? Turkish police said to have rounded up 60 suspects
A Turkish court formally charged a further 15 suspects on Thursday in an alleged match-fixing scandal that threatens to strip league the champions Fenerbahce of their title.

Relegation nation: What will the fall of the Republic of Fenerbahçe bring?
Today’s Zaman
The İstanbul team is now up to its eyeballs in match-fixing allegations. In a normal year, things calm down, possibly get boring, after the league season ends. We hear about transfers, wailing a bit as our favorite players run off to look for greener

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