32 detained in Turkey as collaborators to Anonymous attack…


32 detained in 11 cities in Turkey and they are held for interrogation in Ankara. 8 of them are under 18… News in Turkish here and in English here.

Anonymous attack triggered nationalist reactions in Turkey. A brief summary of the range of attack can be found here. A hot debate took place here. It seems that nationalist feelings were hight among some netizens and despite Anonymous? emphasis that this was to protest increasing censorship, some nationalists felt that this was an attack against the Turkish State and those who supported attack within Turkey were ?traitors? according to this circles… Could one of the main targets of the attack TİB avert the attack or not? That was debated here and here. Probably Özgür Uçkan has one of the best perpectives on this attack.

Hackers Protest Censorship by Taking Down a Government Website in Turkey

A former student of mine had an interview with a member of Anonymous. Interview in Turkish….

Turkish arrests intensify global war between hacker activists and police

from World news: Turkey | guardian.co.uk by Giles Tremlett

Operation follows arrest of three alleged leaders of internet activist group Anonymous in Spain on Friday

The global battle between hacker activists and police intensified Monday with 32 arrests in Turkey and an admission from Spanish police that the group Anonymous had successfully attacked their website in response to arrests made there.


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