Initial election results/observations #secim2011 #secimtakip

Check out many election day related photos here.

There were rumors of election violations especially in Kurdish cities and in Ankara… We have tried to list them as many as possible at our election monitoring project.

Kurdish led Left-bloc Independents are expected to win more than 20 seats, that is good news.

Votes in Eastern cities are counted earlier and AKP gets more 50 % in the first results. Its percentage are expected to decrease as more votes are counted…

here are the initial results:

%28 of votes counted: AKP: 55%, CHP: 19%, MHP:12%, Independents 8%

Nationalist Action Party seems to have passed the 10% threshold. AKP’s plan to make MHP out of the parliament did not seem to work as of now…

#secim2011 in Twitter is a TT, you can follow the Twitter messages flow there, too;) I have been quite active today there, too @sakaerka

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