#22agustos – on 22 August 2011, Turkey plans to enter the league of China and Iran in web censorship.

BTK (State Internet  Authority) members visiting the President. I don’t see any hope for netizens from this photo:)

On Aug 22, Turkish authorities are planning to start a filtering system for all citizens. Unapologetically, Turkey aims for a censored web…. Turkish netizens started to campaign on Twitter in order to demonstrate this sinister and shameless plan…

here is a list of recent developments:

Critics Challenge New Internet Controls in Turkey

Voice of America – Dorian Jones – ?Apr 25, 2011?

“Freedom of press means guaranteeing a public space for free debate, including on the Internet,” said Fule. “The European Parliament’s draft resolution rightly underlines these issues.” That concern centers on Turkey’s record of courts banning more

Turkey forbids ‘forbidden’ from Internet domain names

Flagged for Removal: Online Censorship on the Rise

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