Manu Chao will be in Istanbul but tickets already sold out, damn!

Manu Chao, bedecked in a Galatasaray jersey, plays a set during his previous Istanbul stop in 2002.
Manu Chao, bedecked in a Galatasaray jersey, plays a set during his previous Istanbul stop in 2002.


Manu Chao’s Istanbul dates sell out in record time leaving fans upset

İstanbul through the eyes of St. Petersburg journalists
Today’s Zaman
The Association for Business and Friendship between the Russian Federation and Turkey (RUTİD) recently published a book titled ?İstanbul through the Eyes of Petersburg Journalists? to mark the 20th anniversary of the beginning of municipal relations

Million-dollar Istanbul casinos continue to thrive despite raids

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet
After casinos were banned in 1998, gambling began in cafes, clubs and even in houses. The gambling bureau of the Istanbul Police Department fights illegal casinos, where not only small-scale gambling takes place but millions of dollars also circulate. As casino owners compete with each other to find ways to beat the police raids, the police believe the fines levied by the Turkish penal code are not a big enough deterrent


Istanbul Shopping Fest is lauded, critiqued by shoppers

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
The Istanbul Shopping Festival, advertising ’40 days and 40 nights’ of shopping, has attracted numerous tourists from across the globe with its many activities and late-night shopping offerings.

Listening to Istanbul
Now Seda has taken a pretty big step on the way to rectifying that gap in our awareness: first, with the release of her new CD Listening to Istanbul, a collection of six newly-commissioned piano works by Turkish composers both established and emerging

Vote for the colours of the public buses in Istanbul

by Ali Akpinar (Istanbul is choosing its colour) is a voting web site published by the Istanbul public bus company for the new colour of the public buses. There are four options: Dark blue Orange Purple Yellow I chose purple because I believe purple is the colour of the city since the Roman times. Roman emperors wore […]


Listening to Istanbul

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