More than 44 thousand Facebook users in Turkey against ban for Ahmet Şık’s book

More than 44 thousand users join a group in support for Ahmet Şık’s unpublished book: “Ahmet Şık’ın Kitabı Bende de Var” [I, too, have Ahmet Şık’s book]. This is in fact to turn oneself in since the court decree declares that anyone who has the copy is supporting the Ergenekon Case. A scandal brews…

While democracy is advancing in Turkey

by HDN
While democracy is advancing in Turkey, the government officials continue to play ‘the three monkeys’, conflicting with their pro-democracy rhetoric they have followed since 2002.


Turkish police erasing unpublished book illegal, impractical, experts say

by ISTANBUL – Hürriyet Daily News
The legality and practicality of deleting digital copies of an unpublished manuscript is questioned by experts following police raids at a printing and a newspaper. Lawyer Bülent Utku says erasing the manuscript is against the law, while a computer expert says deleting it from hard drives does not destroy versions sent by email or uploaded to the Internet

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